Apst. Johnson Suleman Buys Private Jet – Business Is Booming!

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3 thoughts on “Apst. Johnson Suleman Buys Private Jet – Business Is Booming!”

  1. As a pastor,, once you bought a Jet for yourself in Nigeria, thats simply means that you have now become subservient to Buharis Authority, otherwise which Airport are you going to be parking that plane? Buhari will not allow anyone who is criticising his government the comfort to park their Jet, in any Arport in Nigeria,, and secondly i can't still understand why whenever some of these pastors buys air planes,, for themselve,, in the name of the church, but yet,, they don't like to discuss the matter with their church members who have always being supportive to their lives,, not even to inform them, about the prize that they bought the jet,, instead their members usually hears all these news either from a rumor, or outside their church, what is the reason why are they keeping such a joyful news away from their members? but if it were to be a land bought yo build another a church,, they will send out the poor members, to go and fast and pray over that land. but when they buy a jet they will not send their poor members to pray over it for them.

  2. Okay ooo, Apostle Suleiman has joined the league of aircraft owners. Congratulations to him. No problems, ortobor will work her way back into his life again if she left at all.
    One man went to mow, I hope you were on board the plane for the sanctification prayers. God is watching and patient.

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