Are Filipina Wives Abused? Travel to Manila Philippines and Help Poor Filipinos. World's Society

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48 thoughts on “Are Filipina Wives Abused? Travel to Manila Philippines and Help Poor Filipinos. World's Society”

  1. If you were to debate Duterte all he would do is swear at you and attack you he is not articulate he has the capability of someone who is mentally ill

  2. Donald Trump and his goons just want to bully the migrants coming from South America, Central America and Mexico. His wall is an idea by the racist people around him. But yeah, the wall is a HUGE waste.

  3. In terms of the horribly corrupted system, it’s almost beyond help… The NWO/satanist World Bank (something)archy has to fall and burn as the first step on a world scale.

  4. A simple gift lights up a entire family it's heartbreaking to see them work in such conditions but she puts food on the table for here children the Philippines people need a stronger president to rebuild the homes to give free health care for the poor look after your philapino people and they will look after you god bless them all 🙏🏻

  5. Fox News are not professionals, they are just talk talk and talk. NBC, CNN are real journalists and not to mention, college grads, unlike Fox's Hannity who is a real college dropout. Oh and the people who write stories on Washington Post and New York Times, are real professional Journalists and also, journalism graduates.

  6. Ito ang dapat na tinutulungan eh.. Isang ina na mag-isang nagtatrabaho para maitaguyod ang mga anak..i salute you nanay.. Good job sir Mark, ma'am Rhea and the rest of the team

  7. oo nga bakit kasi may mga bashers sa mundo hindi nalang magpasalamat at may nakakatulong sa mga mahihirap na katulad ko
    para sa mga bashers out there tigil tigilan nyo na po mawalang galang na ano? ang aarte nyo buti nga sila Sir Mark at Ma'am Rhea ay nakakatulong … kayo? wala kayong ginawa kundi mang bash nakakairita kayo…haisssttt…..

    God bless you more Ma'am Rhea and Sir Mark😘😘

  8. It’s funny that people pick and choose the political stuff out of the video. What have y’all done for people lately? I doubt you’ve done anything. This guy is doing more than most of us will ever do! Thank you for everything you are doing and have done. Because of you I am so thankful for everything I have. I used to complain and be envious but now I’m glad my kids have a roof over their head and I have a job. Thank you for real

  9. I hope that all your people will hear and understand your message . Also, glad to know you are moving back to your country and can't wait to see what you will do next .

  10. Mark, dont mind those negative comments as if they have lifted a finger to help. Just continue those good deeds and bless others by helping in your own way. Negative comments can no way be of help to these people who does not have any one to lean on. God bless you Mark and your family! 😇

  11. Jenna has to remind herself that the ones writting negative comments are most likely the ones who do nothing for others. Keep up the good work, your team is an inspiration for a lot of us… You guys make me want to do more. Big up yourselves!

  12. So glad they got the T.V they wanted made me so happy to see there smiles. A simple t.v can do that to a family they are very grateful and happy. Its stuff we take for granted having 4 to 5 t.vs in a home is normal to us. Sometimes we become consumed with materialistic things that we forget about real happiness and our families. You can only be as Happy as your saddest child.

  13. I wish there was a system that would somehow encourage the people to clean up the trash get paid for it! It doesn't have to be financed by the gov, it could even be a privately owned business. I know theres money to be made collecting bottles and metal, but there's so much pollution and it's getting out of hand I can't imagine what it will look like in 2 generations from now

  14. I believe you guys are making such a huge change in poverty I adore you guys!! you guys are the best thing that can happen to the Philippines that are without homes. I'm so glad you guys help these people out God will bless you. Thank you!!!!

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