Are Prince HARRY and MEGHAN Markle HYPOCRITES For Flying on a Private Jet? – LBC

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38 thoughts on “Are Prince HARRY and MEGHAN Markle HYPOCRITES For Flying on a Private Jet? – LBC”

  1. Apologies for no commentary on the recent videos, but whenever I've given an opinion of late the video gets a strike (unless I'm criticising censorship). Once the current strike appeals are resolved I will get back to inserting my twopence worth.

  2. No lectures. That is BS excuse. Amazing the amnesia you people have. Harry, Meghan and Archie have received death threats, because Meghan's is half-black. Four people are actually in jail in the US and the UK because of their threats specifically that Harry is a "race traitor." They should fly private for security of their family as a priority. Why is it nothing is said about any other members of the RF who also fly private? This is ridiculous. Why isn't your podcast about Nasty Andrew? That should be a more important concern, or does he get a pass because his mommy is white?

  3. I'm American. In my humble opinion I think the hypocrisy of the both of them has spawned its web. The damage has been done. If they both want to be private citizens? Strip his titles,no more money. Give back all the properties, jewelry given. Go move to Hollywood. As for Archie? I would like to see him move first before any comments. As far as them saying the public are playing the race card? Please! I know racism doesn't exist in England.
    I live in the most violent,,racist country there is…
    Rock stars coming out to defend Harry and megs? They are jet setters too. Protection of harry means nothing. Hes a Grown man! She is a narsacisst. Toxicity waiting to explode.

  4. Non 👎 pas du tout !!! Prince Harry et Meghan ne sont pas hypocrites de voler dans un jet privé !!!! Vous êtes tous de jaloux haineux !!!! Meghan et Prince Harry étaient chez leurs amis Sir Elton John !!! Le Jet est à Elton John. Ou est l’hypocrisie là De dans ??? Les médias Britanniques foutez tout simplement. Ils n’ont rien payer 💰 et seulement étaient invités par les amis. Et quand ils voyagent pour leurs missions ils prennent l’avion ?? Arrêtez les médias Britanniques ? Prince Harry et Meghan travaillent énormément pour vous ??? Et le monde entier. Dont, foutez leur la paix !!!?

  5. WHY are you lying? CARBON only affects things that aren't natural to this earth /universe. Let them enjoy what time they have left. This is so goddamn disgusting. You all have no shame in your bullshit game. If Meghan was your daughter how would you feel? Publicly stone pre n post op pregnancy…… that messed up and RACIST LIKE A MOTHERF–ER FI REAL. She's a Moor haven't you all done enough to Doria and Meghans ancestors. Let's keep this crap 100, See me? You humans SUCK. WE HAVEN'T INSTULTED HARRY ONCE. WHY WE HAVE A SOUL. You insulting a StarSeed there's consequences trying to destroy Mother Gaia descendents. Your on a tight flipping rope. Chill out leave her alone. Black women run this universe. You can't sit in the 12 noon Lucifer SUN of the Morning for 5 hour. Photosynthesis sunlight converted into energy. You all are fucking up. I'm just here to warn your hybrid ass.

  6. Even entertaining these idiots is a mystery to me ! We’ve become a nation obsessed with celebrity!!! Useless idiots that do literally nothing for us mentally or spiritually.. this is how Ancient Rome fell apart ..

  7. I don't understand why everyone frets about climate change so much. If elon musk has his way we'll be in space by 2025 and so there is no danger for humanity and as for the other species on earth those that would otherwise die could be taken with us.

  8. Proved Prince Charles cut them off money away from Meghan and Harry and Elton John had to foot the bill for them so does that indicate they don't need the UK people's taxes payers dollars anymore ? Queen needs to make a decision…JS JMO

  9. If we just shot all of the royal family.First through both kneecaps then humanely through the back of their inbred heads then surely this problem will be a non starter? I shall volunteer to shoot trailer trash Markle as a starter.I do not like violence but i am willing to do this if it keeps everyone happy and away from these non stories/crap/fake news.

  10. Everyone knows that you and the UK right-wing media the Sun,Mirror,International Business Times and the Daily mail don't give a hoot about H&M carbon foot print
    this anger is personnel because they want give you access to their lives. None of you talk about the threats that H&M especially Meghan get from hate groups constantly every since they have married. And you all know it would be a security nightmare for PH to take his family on a commercial plane with it being such a high interest in them as a family. The security around them would be insane and very uncomfortable for the other passengers rather it be 1st class are coach. And FYI

    According to the national geographic green guide you double your emissions by driving over flying (CO2) for a cars exhaust stays in the atmosphere for

    centuries. Plane fumes are not long lasting the difference between driving 848 miles or flying 647 miles—(the carbon footprint wouldn’t be all that different)
    from London to Nice. Bob Ward a climate change expert at the London School of Economics & Political Science said it would be far better if ppl who
    criticize H&M and directed their attention to the slow pace of innovation in the aviation sector for which governments & industry both bear

  11. Markle is gona give Harry some grape juice swillin', fried chicken crunchin', watermelon munchin' precious black kids, and turn the tennis grounds into a cotton farm

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