Are property investment courses worth it?

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8 thoughts on “Are property investment courses worth it?”

  1. Great video guys and welcome to YouTube, nice to see you on video format!

    I do recommend courses that are offered by organisations like the NLA and RLA. These guys put on events not for profit and are run mainly for their members. I attended a course on Managing HMO's ran by the NLA this week in Manchester and a whole day cost something like £150 and there was definitely no up selling involved!

  2. Nice one gents, great fan of your work. So much so that I'm a listening back through your entire catalogue of podcasts on my commute to and from work for the third time!

  3. Good common sense advice. I am continually astonished when I meet people at networking events who have spent such huge amounts of money, sometimes more than £20-30k on course! The people that have spent that sort of money on courses generally have no properties, my advice is to absorb all the free/cheap information and just go out and do it. In my opinion, it would be virtually impossible to be £30k worse off from making a few newbie mistakes in any event.

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