Are you living for the photo? (From a travel photographer)

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42 thoughts on “Are you living for the photo? (From a travel photographer)”

  1. Curious to know. What are some of the ways in which you've adapted your everyday life, the way you travel to your photography? How do you "live for the photo?" Is it something you think is worth doing?

  2. Bloody great video as always Mitchell, everything you put out is just right on point and so inspirational. The points on keeping our photo skills sharp hit home for me, I'm always looking for ways to get out and take more photos and live for it. That's led me down some amazing paths recently as well as some where it came at a cost. The other week I wanted desperately to shoot a sunrise, it burned into my mind and I just had to do it. I set off at 3am and I got a beautiful stunning sunrise in an amazing location. However, I hit a wallaby on the way and did $700 damage to my little Corolla. A life lost, damage done. Worth it? I struggle a little on that one but I'm still glad I did it, I got up and got out to shoot. On a happier side, I recently won a National photography competition here in Australia by going out and getting the best shot I could think of, by seeking out a story that matched the ethos of the competition. That was very rewarding and now I'm inspired to expand on it and work on a larger photo essay around that. Keep on being amazing mate, best channel on YouTube by a mile.

  3. Hi Mitchell – greetings from Shaxi village in southern China – you nailed this subject.Agreed, traveling or not, there's ops everywhere to shoot a story, if you open your eyes and do something different …

  4. Great message and video again Mitchell! I organise/make all my travels in a spirit of "live for the photo". When I come back home I have to pull the camera from my hand and I get the feeling that the story is completed. Then I start planning a next story… Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  5. Great inspiration 🙂 Thanks a lot for your thoughts. I would almost call it a spiritual thing to get in touch with your surrounding with no need to search elsewhere for beauty. It's all in front of our nose all the time, if we just take the time to look 🌻

  6. Excellent advice Mitchell, think all people take it for granted the more you live the more experiences you have in life.
    I really like your advice in your previous reading of the writer Margot but in our case focused on photography, do different things in daily life out of comfort and the most important thing was that we must emphasize more the things we see in a sharp and active way, this will allow us to become more perceptive, intuitive, more imaginative basic conditions for creativity. Take Care. All the best. Greetings for your wife and kids.

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  7. Quick story i want to share. Yesterday i was on the walk with my family. I taked camera with me like many times. i took some shots. On the way i saw other families, they has camera too. I asked my wife (shis not fotographer) what makes different good photo from just a the photo. The photo the people make. Maybe… probably this video is the answer… opportunity and ways you see the world around you. Many times it's just photo, but this one it's different from thousands the peoples make every day.
    Thanks Mr Mitchell for the tip.

  8. Thanks much for the video. I was looking for a mindset change on how get myself out taking more photos. Living for the photo mindset allows me to make changes to my lifestyle to get out to take photos. It doesn't need to be grandiose but making simple changes in your routine enables …

  9. That's kind of the secret to life… Learning to appreciate and find beauty in the seemingly mundane aspects of day-to-day life. I wonder how much an image created through the lens of the camera mirrors the lens with which one views life and the world around us.

  10. I want to go with minimalistic photography gear when I travel and when I am at home. I don't want to need so many things like you have in the video and still live for the photo and shoot stunning pictures.

  11. Hey man I am currently looking for a small, but capable camera for things similar to what you are doing… So what would you recommend to some one who would like to take pictures similar to what you are doing…

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