Arizona Mountains – Epic Road Trip – Van Travel – Cooler Weather 2019

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33 thoughts on “Arizona Mountains – Epic Road Trip – Van Travel – Cooler Weather 2019”

  1. Hello Russ, I am a subscriber, when you speak of your senior pass, what kind is it, would you give a little info about it? Thanks I live on the east coast and have been to a couple of RTRs and one van build. Thanks again.

  2. Love the Grand Canyon. I've been several times and will go again. One of my conferences will be in Albuquerque next year. It's in summer so the Canyon will be crowded, but I still hope to stop for a few days. I've got my Senior Pass, bought when it was still $20, what a bargain. I had just gotten old enough and it was about to go to $40! Even at the price now, it pays for itself quickly.
    But the Grand Canyon. Definitely look forward to this trip. Have fun.

  3. This will be a nice treat, I've never seen the Grand Canons. I've been to the Grand Canons of the South which are in Breaks Park, they are beautiful. They are on Virginia & Kentucky border. There was a really nice restaurant that served country cooked meals before you went up the mountain. They had a group playing the Sunday we went which was nice. Nice campground.

  4. Russ, thanks for your trip to the Grand Canyon. I haven’t been there since ‘69. Boy, that area is built up. I rode my motorcycle from Flagstaff to the canyon on Saturday, camped out, and came back Sunday.

  5. That was the start of my 1998 epic Arizona tour. Started an over 1000 mile tour from Tex-X CG just south of the GC Airport. Started about week after Labor Day and finally settled in Havasu about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. A little over 2 months in a tent, a 2-seat sports car and a mt. bike hanging off the rear. Ten-X CG BTW is in the process of being expanded to 300 sites over the next few years.

  6. When you head south to Flagstaff, go back along the south rim road. There's two places you have to stop at. One is Grand View, or something like that. The other is the Desert view Tower. Those two places will provide you with the best view of the entire length of the canyon that you can find. Keep going east and you'll hit a T intersection at Cameron. Turn right, I think it's highway 89, and you'll come in on the northeast side of Flagstaff. Also, if you've never seen it, Sunset Crater is worth the visit. It's just northeast of Flagstaff.

  7. My wife and I got the senior card for $10 each. Shortly thereafter they went up to $80. We use the heck out of them. Dinosaur National Monument was $25 to get in if you don't have the senior card.

  8. Russ, I really enjoy your videos. I like your easy going and friendly personality. We went to Mt. Rushmore today. I watched your video on that location a while back. Keep up the good work. Many of us appreciate the hard work it takes to do a video. Thank you.

  9. OH NO!  Now I won't be able to sleep tonight. You have me so excited to see the Grand Canyon and I've never been there. I can't wait, I gotta see it now. Oh come on, I can't wait. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎 Funny story coming up……Wait for it. Happy trails.

  10. By me it's been in the 70s in the daytime and low 60s overnight since last weekend, but today it's in the mid 80s and I can feel the drop in comfort just in my apartment. At this stage of my life Spring and Fall are by far the best seasons for conducting my daily life and for any travel, even day trips.

  11. Yay Russ! Yay! Haha the Fred Flintstone RV park has replica Bedrock buildings. There are videos about it, but the buildings are closed. They are going to take most of the buildings out, so sad. Fred's house and others are in bad shape.

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