Arlington Texas Tries To Stop AIRBNB

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13 thoughts on “Arlington Texas Tries To Stop AIRBNB”

  1. are you serious? I haven't even watched the video yet and I'm already up in arms! I'm in Fort Worth Texas and one of my long-term goals was to invest in a rental for an Airbnb next door in Arlington. They're doing lots of development in Arlington around the cowboys stadium and I thought this would be a great opportunity. I wonder how many other people have already tried this and this is why it's being shut down? Okay let me watch and see what's going on…😠

  2. You are definitely dropping jewels. I’m in the Irving/Coppell area in Dallas, and speak to MANY people that do exactly what you said. They get those USDA loans for Mckinney, Desoto, etc.. Live out there a year or so, double back in, and sell or rent it out.

    Great vid as always Erica!!✊🏽

  3. Assets appreaciate, but you still need to add money to maintain.. Buying a rental home, but you still need to add money to maintain. Buying a franchise/business does not mean immeadiate cashflow….. its called Build it +Time , the money will come. Thanks for message Ericka!

  4. Hotel Industry need to accept that competition and try to join into that industry! The cigarette industry got competition from the vaping industry, so what did they do: EXPAND INTO THAT INDUSTRY!

  5. She’s right. As a family we prefer air bnb. We cook most meals at the house and eat out only once. We can do our own laundry before we leave. We stayed in Airbnb in London. We air bnb condos in Mexico, we bring our own water to keep in the refrigerator. Airbnb is just better for families

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