arma 3: the nightmare vacation

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35 thoughts on “arma 3: the nightmare vacation”

  1. 1 + 5 = 6

    6 is how many Infinity Stones there are.

    Who has the infinity stones? Thanos.

    Thanos also has 6 letters in it.

    And so does Marvin !

    Marvin = Thanos? No.

    Let me continue, Marvin is thanos but also he's not, why? Pffff do i like i a Bob Ross to you?

    …..wait, Bob Ross!

    Bob Ross together = 7

    Take away 1 s from Ross

    7 – 1 = *6*!

    Who's name starts with an S and has 6 letters? SHAGGY !!!


    SATAN !!

    How you might be asking? Simple.


    Which are exactly how many letters each name has in it.

    /Avengers Theme Plays/

  2. The thing I like the most about your videos is that I never seem to quite know for sure what is actually planned beforehand and what you guys are actually improvising. Every video is a masterpiece.

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