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  1. I 💗💗💗 this video! Interesting to see how purses are made. More than the anything, I am so happy for you and Top Tote! I feel like I’m watching a friend live her best life! 🎉🍷

  2. I have absolutely nothing to do with your business, but let me tell you, I was touched and got emotional myself when you walked into that room welcoming you there and they said that you were very famous in their office. Ugh. Thank you for sharing this video.

  3. I bought your brown bag, which was a splurge for me. I stained it with cheap jeans and was mad at myself. Anyway, love the bag and all the pockets, the outside pocket for my house keys… so I am hoping for a classic yet cool leather bag.

  4. Lindsey! So nice of you to put all this work into the vlog for us. I received my Toptote while you were in Asia and am excited to give it to my daughter In Law in December for her b day. She will also be given this vlog link!

  5. I am entering for the giveaway! If I win this $1,000 I would use it towards my fertility costs. I desperately want to be a mother, but my husband & I have fertility issues & no family to help us financially. Thank you! 🙏♥️

  6. Heck Ya! Business class!! When I flew to Hong Kong I was in emergency seating, but still coach. Congratulations!! I love watching and hearing success stories!! And you are truly one! Keep these vlogs coming!!!

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