At $2M, This Is One Of The Most Affordable Private Jets You Can Buy

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30 thoughts on “At $2M, This Is One Of The Most Affordable Private Jets You Can Buy”

  1. If you just want to fly, there are MUCH cheaper options. Yes, I get that this is a video about the cheapest JET specifically, but I think some of the people watching this video would be surprised how much less you can spend to get a pretty decent little plane that you can have a lot of fun with.

  2. Affordable? You forgot several things, the cost of operations, pilot qualification, maintenance, hanger fees, annual inspection, fuel cost. Having owned 12 aircraft myself there is nothing affordable about owning any aircraft.

  3. Dear Business Insider, if you're wondering what to get me for my birthday which is in a few days, I'd gladly accept this private jet. Thank you!

    PS: i also need money for a pilot, fuel and other operating costs.

  4. For $2million you can get This,

    or an ex-German Luftwaffe jet trainer aircraft Alpha Jet or Czech Albatros L-39 for less than $2 million. Or better, auctioned former Swiss Air force Dassault Mirage fighter jet

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