Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly spends $30K on Trump hotel holiday party

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39 thoughts on “Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly spends $30K on Trump hotel holiday party”

  1. There is not any evidence of proven data of what he say that the he say that there is a magnificent woman right there up there because there's not any pictures or videos or even a commercial that was put on that you know on the hotel that what he have ever so many of much everywhere well only that the only thing is that is like show you on it pictures back from the outside but not the inside how weird that is right weird this is that pictures and videos by the outside but nothing that what's going on by the inside I mean you need to find out everything about it that what's inside right there because if someone is not telling the truth that they say that it's like a many of you that are not going to be happy you know what he said and why you tried to say about it because this is a and not a distraction or something else even more of a give a more confusion is your choice

  2. FAKE NEWS forgets Trump was a billionaire before he was president. Not like the presidents that has started with nothing only to become millionaires while in office. Barr spent his own money for a really nice place. Now if he got it for free, that would be different. Don't hear FAKE NEWS saying anything about Clinton's free trips and stays at Epstein's island!

  3. It's just any little ole thing y'all FAKE NEWS organizations can find to complain about! The man isn't getting paid so what about a party! Are you just mad y'all are not invited! I'll be glad when y'all start being locked up myself! Now that will be a party!!!

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