(AUDIO) SOVCIT "I'm Expressing My Right To Travel" COP "No"

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39 thoughts on “(AUDIO) SOVCIT "I'm Expressing My Right To Travel" COP "No"”

  1. Van, you are the Man!
    Thanks for another great video/ audio of seeing how ignorant this kid is.
    He should have went to jail, but he did not give the cop a hard time AND I think that goes a long way especially these days.
    Respect goes a long way!

    I get the feeling this kid just started pulling this shit after watching others try this nonsense and I was very harsh commenting to him (here and his channel) , but hey, he should NOT be on the road period with no DL, and Insurance.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. This KID has to be the DUMBEST FUKIN PERSON I'VE SEEN YET! Stay off the fukin road, you are a menace and are too fukin ignorant of laws NORMAL people follow to drive and use PUBLIC ROADS! (drive on your own property, and stay away from the public)you brain dead POS
    Just posting this video makes him look like a real moron!

  3. Something doesn't sound right about this stop , almost sounds like a fake stop , they always record the officers face for the record , and his licence is suspended but he is allowed to drive off the freeway ??? Very strange to me . Maybe I'm wrong ….

  4. This hombre should take his case to court and tell the judge that he is a Hispanic Moor and he unwillingly accepted the citation the under cohesion and duressitation and his right to travel was emaciated by a corporate entity and that he demands immediate resuscitation. It really helps to understand legal language like I do. I can send him the forms to initiate the process if he sends me $450.00 and a stamped self-addressed envelope. Islam Salami, bro.

  5. So, that's how it works! You can just "express your right to travel" and with those magical words you can continue to operate a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license or even having the automobile registered. How come I didn't know that?

  6. I don't know the state but in my state and other states – If your DL is suspended they will not allow you to drive period. If your pulled over in a no parking zone, they will tow your car.
    This cop was being nice, allowing him to get his car to a place to park.

  7. Cobb county is no joke. If he didn’t pull into the station and get a ride, he would be sitting in cuff in the back of a squad car faster than he could blink! And they SURE don’t play that ‘I’m expressing my right to travel’!!!!

  8. You could hear all the air come out of Mr. Diaz's lungs when told his options were the shoe leather express or jail. You should check out some of his other videos. It's pretty clear he was never a top student in science class. He has one that he thinks shows some kind of fake airliner with only one engine because his angle of view hides the other engine behind the wing and fuselage. You really have to be an illuminati fan to believe some of the stuff this chollo does.

  9. He could have easily towed your ass, and have been in trouble himself for letting you drive to the gas station with a suspended licence. Just learn to shut the fuck up.

  10. Weak, man. Where's the court case citations? Where are the references to the Articles Of Confederation and the Magna Carta? What about God's natural law? Step up your game, my dude.

  11. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Either park the car and travel by foot, or act like operating a motor vehicle is a constitutional right, and be corrected by the officer on the way to jail.

  12. He's "expressing" his right to travel? He can express an opinion, or express himself in words or art. Is he is operating that car, that's not expressing. That's driving, operating, "traveling", what ever. These descriptions aren't mutually exclusive. Hence, he can call it what ever he wants, he's driving or operating under the law.

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