August 26, 2019. What is going on with Uber in Chicago? A friend shares good data.

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30 thoughts on “August 26, 2019. What is going on with Uber in Chicago? A friend shares good data.”

  1. I'm curious. How many people eat at a restaurant and leave no tip? The server does not need to buy any gas, oil changes, tires, etc, but I bet 90% of customers tip every meal. On average, only about 40-50% of my riders tip. Just a thought.

  2. OMG this is bs. Thank God I'm not driving full time anymore. Only part time people. Idk why people still hoping that Uber and Lyft will change. As long as theirs drivers willing to drive for lower rate they will continue to abuse drivers.

  3. Yuppp welcome 2 uber !!! I picked this up in phoenix a while ago . i never liked the surge areas. Uber would make double what they gave u … I drove in non surge areas fuck them ..

  4. Some of the trips pay so low a firend would give You more money for gas to drive them as a favor, it is beyond redlicous and totally a rip off explotation, forced to quit. it is really a huge waste of time and one of the biggest rip off cheats in history.

  5. Play their game and Stay OUT of those heat zones then. It's similar to a strike. This abuse will lead this desperate company to only take on and cater to desperate drivers. They will lower their standards to get new desperate drivers. As a rider, I don't care about who gets a piece of my pie and would perceive that driver as begging and whining.

  6. It's totally unconscionable what Lyft and Uber are doing with the rates and the deception and the Spin Zone they need to be exposed on a public level for everybody to see!

  7. I don’t know why but I never got this email and I literally just looked at the app and it’s surging now $4.25 at the airport (O’hare) as thought nothing has changed…also, saw people complaining about it and I screen shot this to, there was no surge from DT to the AP during typical surge time. So pt is, they weren’t overcharging the riders, the pricing was consistent with non surge. This morning was on fire. But again, I never got this message from Uber and I live and drive exclusively in Chicago.

  8. Each week im making less and less, going bankrupt to repair car. many calls for pick up is far some 7 miles, krazy for pay rate and time. Can't afford new tires. Feels like being used by friends for free ride.

  9. Here in NOLA Lyft took away our surges after Marda Gras … now we get "HEAT" maps that show where high demand is but NO bonuses… I don't even bother with them and I still get my rides. AND TO MAKE IT WORSE!! The passengers are telling me they ARE getting surge rates!! Just not going to the drivers.

  10. is the whole thing a mental game now? people cant drive free? Whats next 25 cents per mile? Every 2 months its a new app and new pay rate? My phone crashed updating app too many times now is krazy people.

  11. No surge since 930a.m today.
    I got this b.s msg today from Uber and my Ap has been off all day.
    Why drive in traffic in Chicago at base rate? These are free rides for Uber after our expenses. They've finally figured out how to get us to drive for them for free (in massive traffic). 😄 Whew! Uber needs to be outlawed.
    Gio hasn't said a word yet.

  12. We’ve had this feature in Nashville for a few days, it’s information drivers that know the market already know. My first opinion is that it was surge areas without getting paid surge, but there have still been surges since they’ve introduced this. In fact, last night the whole city was surging at around $6 for several hours. I haven’t looked at all my trip breakdowns yet, but it seems like a somewhat useless and kind of inaccurate feature but not that nefarious.

  13. Omg that is insane! As a driver I’m gonna stay out of the “surge area” and let Uber keep 100% of nothing (Uber can’t earn revenue if there’s no drivers there to take the ride) Why would a driver fight traffic and deal with all that bullshit if there’s no surge pricing? Wow!

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