AVENGERS ENDGAME Mission Explained! Plot Breakdown (SPOILERS!)

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20 thoughts on “AVENGERS ENDGAME Mission Explained! Plot Breakdown (SPOILERS!)”

  1. Personally my favorite moment was when cap stood up after getting pummeled by Thanos, broken shield in hand, prepared to fight Thanos’s whole army. It’s an amazing shot too

  2. Sooooo my theatre ended the movie when I believed there should’ve been a lost credit scene… I waited until the very end but the lights turned on and the screen went to gray (the projector was off too), but people are saying there was a post credits scene. ??????

  3. the dusted Thanos is not the one in our reality actually he is from the branch which was created by Nebula travelling back to grab the power stone in this reality a lot changed no snap happened so Cap n Tony didn't work it out 😀

  4. Everyone's talking about time travel but how come Strombreaker could beat Thamos with Infinity gauntlet before but now Stormbreaker AND Mjolnir combined are no match for Thanos WITHOUT the Infinity gauntlet? And why is Steve suddenly worthy of Mjonir when he couldn't lift it in Ultron? Are we just sposed to forget Ultron, or NOT immediately cast our minds back to think about if we were mistaken or not, when we are apparently supposed to be caught up in this 'WOW' moment?? How can this be expected?? Why is no-one talking about these things? They just seemed utterly overlooked and ruined the movie for me

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