Ballzy Podcast: Zeke in Las Vegas

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One thought on “Ballzy Podcast: Zeke in Las Vegas”

  1. I feel alcohol consumption may have played a part here
    The bigger part at that
    I may be well off base in my opinion
    And yes,
    Poor to not good choices still exist to a degree
    But for Christ sakes, it wasn't major at all

    Describing his attire
    & all is insignificant considering what the media will milk it for

    Zeke mentioning he'd matured to the kids w/out disclosing his incident just hrs before was correct.
    And wisdom not to speak on something I'm sure his PR personnel & Attys advised him not to shows maturity in & of itself

    You guys covered it
    But face it
    If Paparazzi & Paparazzi-type ppl followed you guys around
    You wouldni doubt come across as lesser than you actually are
    (That's according to media perceptions & sound bites etc)

    I do applaud your tact applied here
    And I'm sure Zeke would also,
    As well as the Dallas Cowboys FO


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