Bastión Luxury Hotel

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3 thoughts on “Bastión Luxury Hotel”

  1. This hotel was the most horrible hotel I have ever stayed in in my entire life! No air conditioning, no light outside the room, the room smelled of old mold, the door was broken the entire time.  No one made any attempt at service recovery or fixing anything.  We went for my cousin's wedding.  This country was filthy.  The video is completely misleading.  I emailed the hotel several times upon return from the most absurd "luxury hotel" and was told "we will not give you a refund, but if you want to come back you can stay at our hotel again"?  Yeah, no thank you.  And that was from their director of quality who admitted he had never stayed in the hotel or seen the room I was in.  Perhaps he should be looking for another job.  In addition, I purchased a premium room, and found that I was put in a regular room, that was not only disgusting and broken, the quality director, who called me 7 months later after I filed a credit card claim, insisted I was in a premium room which is totally contrary to what is on their own website.  That city is a wasteland.  Totally disgusting.  If you are used to American Luxury, redefine that definition for this –Bleep Hole of a country.

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