Bathing in Alcohol – Hot Springs China | Sanya, Hainan Island | China Travel Series Part 2

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34 thoughts on “Bathing in Alcohol – Hot Springs China | Sanya, Hainan Island | China Travel Series Part 2”

  1. Dear Emma & Alex,
    I love you YouTube channel, and the first reason I started to subscribe was because you guys was different. I really loved watching you two walking around Istanbul and discover the small little hidden places there. I also know that you guys had a difficult time for a couple years ago. But when you move to Istanbul it seemed like you guys started to heal. Now when I'm watching that you guys are on the move again. I'm sorry to say it, but it feels like you guys are going back to that old situation that you didn't like. I really wish that you guys will move back to Istanbul, and continue on you adventures there, because there is so much more to discover and see there. And you guys where so happy there, so please ???

  2. "Travelling for 6 years" what's your source of income? Not being rude but i was always curious how do people like you manage to do all this stuff. I get it that YT monies come in handy but you don't make a milion views on each video so it has to be limited. Love your videos and i'm jealous of your relationship 😀

  3. Russians love Sanya Island. It's their favourite hot spot. Also, a few misconceptions – one of which is in fact, Chinese eat more vegetables than most people in the West think. Travel is an education.

  4. Think I spotted fried tofu on the turning table stacked up like a log cabin! Food looked great I can't resist dumplings anyplace I go and would probably end up putting on 10lbs visiting China. Were those hot springs open at night?

  5. Great video as always. Really interesting to see veggie options wherever you go. Being a veggie it can be a bit of a concern what sort of food will be available overseas. In past travels have lived off omelettes and salad so good to know of the different options. Plus you guys always make me laugh. Keep up the good work x

  6. I was introduced to Asian breakfast on a Mediterranean cruise (Celebrity Cruise lines). I guess because in Europe, they have a decent amount of Asian clientele. Anyway, on a 2 week cruise, after 3 days I switched to the Asian breakfast area… and bacon… and eggs. Spicy noodles and meat and chilis. They also had a congee bar with tons of condiments. LOVED it.

  7. Hainanese chicken is a pretty famous dish. It’s even a staple dish in Singapore. Hainanese cuisine is less spicy than mainland and is heavy on seafood. They typically eat dumplings (mantou and baozi) with congee and rice noodles for breakfast, so you did it right! All Chinese cuisines are heavy in vegetarian dishes because many Chinese are buddhist and are forbidden from killing things.

  8. Loving this series! My favourite Chinese food is Hokien Fried Rice and the old favourites – sesame prawn toast. salt and chilli spare ribs, chung fun, paper wrapped prawns, char su bau and dumplings!

  9. I CANNOT wait to sit down (maybe over a few drinks) with you guys at some point and compare Sanya notes! It was almost three years ago that we were there and it feels ridiculously nostalgic and kind of bizarre to watch the two of you in the same places we went! Did you happen to know that "If You Are the One- Episode 2" so was filmed at Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park? While we were there, we were not only creating our own vlogs (please don't go back and watch them- we were little newbies at the time) but we also had a film crew with us and that was one of my lines that day! LOL – Anna

  10. I don't know how you can eat first thing after getting up, I have to be up at least four or five hours before I can eat, harks back to years of starting work at 03:3004:00 and not being able to grab brekkie until after 09:30. A flask of strong coffee was sufficient.

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