BATMAN Batcave – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog

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37 thoughts on “BATMAN Batcave – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog”

  1. I was here in 2015 and that rock circle wasn't there yet. What I remember most about that day was all the bugs doing kamikaze runs at me. If your'e going to go here wear some bug repellant

  2. Adam West was a very nice man, i met him and talked with him in 1982. Jordan, if you want to vlog his former L. A. home, i have the address. Adam will always be Batman to me also. How many of you know that Adam's birth name is William West Anderson?

  3. Thanks jordan for showing us were the batman tunnel was. Adam west was a good actor no one played batman bettet than he did. Wete is Robin now would be intetesting to do a vlog on him. Jah loves his walks.

  4. I may have seen this one before but I love your adventures!! I am the kind of person who rewatches movies!! I guess I am a nerd! Body Snatchers so cool! Thanks Jordan!!

  5. That "batcave" looks like the same one used in the 1955-59 TV series Highway Patrol, episode # 94, "prisoner exchange copter". Most of the driving scenes on that series were filmed around Mulholland Dr., and the Hollywood Hills. There is one episode where Clint Eastwood is a biker, and two episodes with Leornard Nimoy in it, before he became "Spock". I recognize many San Fernando Valley filming spots, where I grew up. By watching the series, you get very good insight as to how things looked, back then. Great Vlog!!

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