BBC Travel Show – Japan's Prettiest railways (Week 47)

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2 thoughts on “BBC Travel Show – Japan's Prettiest railways (Week 47)”

  1. Fake environmental activist, Fake local people and people who have problem about mental said Fukushima is daingerous, but BBC, Discovery channel visted Fukushima and I've never heard they have problem.

  2. The piece on the Tadami line states that the Aizu area was not affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster. This is untrue as contamination reached this area (and beyond), including the food chain, for example local fish were found to contain strontium. Radiation hotspots have been found in Aizu Wakamatsu, the starting staion for the Tadami line. Many families like mine have evacuated because of concerns for the long term health of their children. Some are unconcerned, others remain for work and to look after elderly relatives, especially if they do not have access to independent information. It is a decision for people to make for themselves, but it is adviseable to research before visiting, and young people, especially females, might consider avoiding local food and water to be on the safe side.

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