BBC – Travels with Vasari – part one;

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21 thoughts on “BBC – Travels with Vasari – part one;”

  1. Hi Andrew Graham-Dixon, It is a Beautifully presented documentary. I loved it. Notice the slight movement of the eye pupil during 56:3756:40. I am sure it must be the pixels error but its interesting as it happens when you talk about "sensation of witnessing a private conversation …." ha ha..

  2. thanks BBC, and MR Dixon, such a good insight. I've  been in Italy to watch by myself all the grandeur of Italian artist. my favorite as an artist and art teacher for over 25 years is Michelangelo. 2 much talent in just one person its unfair lol.

  3. To the stranger, especially for American or English Italy and poetry. For the Italian who lives there and this country corruption, if you take away the art of this place does not remain nothing but unqualified people and ready to rub the next, people should be better with this asset we have and yet in this country there are people like the beasts that think like make money on everything..

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