Beck – Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997

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35 thoughts on “Beck – Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997”

  1. Takes me back to freshman year , Krieg Hall. Listened to this album daily in my buddies dorm room on repeat. Bong rips of dirt weed and stale bong water. Exhaling through any empty toilet paper roll filled with scented dyer sheets to mask the smell. Meanwhile the whole hallway reeked. Cracking up laughing like beavis and butthead at "she can talk to squirrels".

  2. Though Sea Change and Odelay were good, this has always been my favorite album by Beck. I just love the weird, random, quirky and psychedelic lyrics. I used to blast it all the time as a freshman in high school. I wish Beck could have stayed with this persona

  3. My best friend who is dead now, she was my unofficially adopted sister . We were all poor in the Deep South in the 90s. Her dad was a Vietnam vet who eventually killed himself out front of his little shack he lived in. We’d go visit him there. One night we were at his house, on the edge of dark woods at night, tripping hard on lsd and listened to this song and Steal My Body Home on a loop , for hours, until the sun came up

    “One more time….”

  4. I was always under the assumption the title was a typo and it should've been Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1897. 1997 didn't even happen yet and the song has such old west vibes. My favorite Beck song.

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