Beijing hotels are a RIP OFF!!

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24 thoughts on “Beijing hotels are a RIP OFF!!”

  1. It's a country of psychopathic savages with almost zero culture. people from any other country are going to be more civilized and yet they have to register with the police to visit the shit hole?

  2. Hi Wilson. Well if this clip is done recently then I can tell you that the prices for that 7 hotels raised by factor 2! Back in 2012 or so in shanghai I payed 200 rmb /night ( I know the rmb lost value ;)) but at that time it was around 25USD ! China is getting really expensive.. in general south east asia is getting really pricy ! A big part of that negative development is also that a lot of naive travellers from the west accept the first price given , because they compare it to THEIR country back home ! What is completely naive and I am glad that you mentioned it .. it’s China or Asia and Labour is so much cheaper and things getting so much cheaper produced !.. therefore the good old times that you can do a cheap Asia holiday gonna be history soon ;(

  3. Beijing isn't too bad, I got a 5* western chain (the cheaper places honestly don't look very appealing and I wanted to make sure they spoke English. Besides, that's the first and only time I've stayed in upmarket western chain anyway, so I thought why not) for $160 a night. Sure, it's more expensive than plenty of places – places that I've been that come to mind are SE Asia, especially Vietnam, where you could reliably spend $15 US a night. But in the same trip to Beijing I had just come from Japan, and let me tell you, that place is ridiculous expensive for hotels. I booked a reasonably priced $85 p/night Airbnb in Osaka which was a reasonable sized apartment by Japanese standards, but in Tokyo I paid $150 for a tiny little place (the whole room was taken up by two beds, there wasn't any space other than them really). Beijing is also still cheaper than the US and western Europe from my experience

  4. This guys video is interesting. You can check all his video, the content is I’m living in China, I visited everywhere with my suit, and China is Bad… I mean he is not focusing the traveling but how bad China it is haha.

  5. You just not earn enough to live in center Beijing, period. You think Beijing is still the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago? The train has moved and you are left behind.

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