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  1. You were spot on in your review. All the times we’ve been to Vegas we never been here but with a Groupon we went . What a letdown. The food was dry and tasteless and the deserts tasted like they came from a box . Save your money there are plenty of better places to eat .

  2. Hasn't been good for a long time, the room is long overdue for a renovation, we'll see what happens with the new owners but with MGM still managing the place I have my doubts it will return to its former glory.

  3. I think you should name the budget Buffet that made you sick. My Dad got sick from the Rio breakfadt buffet in 2012. Luckily I chose to have breakfadt at the coffee shop instead on that trip with him.

  4. We were just there last Sunday for dinner. You are spot in.. the Bellagio buffet is not very good any more. Two things that we enjoyed were the porch belly and the bread pudding. The dessert bar seemed pathetic overall. Most items were tasteless. For a Sunday seafood gourmet dinner not much for seafood. Even though they served king crab.

  5. Been to Bellagio buffet a few different times over the last few years (with comps) and have been very disappointed every single time. No flavor to be found anywhere near that buffet.

  6. Bottom Line: The Vegas strip buffets are for SUCKERS!!! Save your money and just eat at McDonalds. Anyone that pays for a Vegas strip buffet is a loser and probably voted for Hillary.

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