BEST 7: Travel Cameras

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21 thoughts on “BEST 7: Travel Cameras”

  1. When i go on holidays, or scout camping……..i take a fuji…… DISPOSABLE FILM CAMERA…… s light, 24 shoots, drop proof….and very very very easy to use……and i use the flash outside for fill in…..try one your self.

  2. I would mention that Aps-c sensor cameras, especially with no low pass are not on the same league as the other cameras shown here for image quality and enlargement sharpness, when coupled with good lenses. Also what's worth a 50x zoom lense if what you get at 50x is desperately blurry or beyond washed out. Ever tried to picture the moon properly with one of those things at full zoom range ?.. Better a good 5x than a bad 30x…Other cameras are nonetheless all very good with zoom feature flexibility vs fixed lenses for APS-C ones and will produce in most instances very nice images, especially in daylight where ISO is not pushed by the camera in auto mode (used by many) since with a smaller sensor, this is where the image will often loose a lot of quality vs Aps-c sensors. The GR, for inconspicuous it looks, is quiet pocketable, has a fixed lens but decent width, and produces razor sharp, high quality images due to its excellent combinaison of lens quality and sensor size. But all other cameras shown here will be more flexible or produce  better videos as this is a stills oriented camera and Ricoh didn't push well the video segment on it. Also if your next trip is a photo safari in Kenya, can't do without a decent zoom…

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