BEST and WORST Attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom! |Stix Top 6| Walt Disney World

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31 thoughts on “BEST and WORST Attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom! |Stix Top 6| Walt Disney World”

  1. If Walt was alive today I think he'd have a hard time with a lot of the park changes, but be extremely proud of Animal Kingdom. It's just as magical as the Magic Kingdom is, but with nature. It's amazing to see all the animals on the 20 minute safari ride, walk through the continent-inspired areas to experience a glimpse of the wilds ourselves, and to be able to learn just as much as enjoy the animals there. It truly does feel like a Disney park, and I'm so glad they took the extra steps to make it unlike any other zoo.

  2. Personally I would've out dinosaur at 3 🙂

    And I would've switched around 1&2. I'm a HUGE coaster fan so my favorite rides are usually always the rollercoasters 😂.

  3. My favorite ride at animal kingdom was expedition Everest, sadly I wasn’t able to ride flight of passage because we only had one day at Disney world so we had to do animal kingdom and magic kingdom in one day because all the other days we spent at universal studios maybe next time I’ll get to ride it

  4. I really enjoy your list. My list for worst attraction list is:
    1. Primeval Whirl
    2. Triceratops Spin

    My best list is:
    1. Flight of Passage
    2. Kilimanjaro Safaris
    3. Expedition Everest
    5. Festival of the Lion King

    Now I do understand why you didn't like it's tough to be a bug, but I really enjoy the show because it's a fun show and technically it's amazing, it may not be great or popular as some of the other attractions, but it's far better than Stitch's Great Escape and the Tommorowland Speedway. But I respect your opinion though. Keep up the good work!👍

  5. Great video Stix, i personally never experienced the 3 worst attractions, but i did ride almost every other ride therr, so i will do my favorite 6.
    6. Primeval Whirl (don't ask me why)
    5. Dinosaur
    4. Kali River Rapids
    3. Kilimanjaro Safari
    2. Expedition Everest
    1. Flight of Passage
    Also, it may sound weird at first, but I'm not a fan of Navi River Journey. Yeah, the ride looks nice, and has a spectacular animatronic, but the ride never cliked to me. The lack of animatronics and a story, disapointed me, and also the ride is way to short and extremly under whelming, but i do see why so much people love it.

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