Best Pre-Cruise Hotel Hilton Downtown Miami ~ PORT VIEW!

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18 thoughts on “Best Pre-Cruise Hotel Hilton Downtown Miami ~ PORT VIEW!”

  1. I just booked a room under the "Park stay and go" package that includes the 7 day parking and the shuttle. Is there any hidden costs I should know about. I just don't want the bait and switch once we arrive. Thanks

  2. Loved your video I first viewed it in may and it very helpful to us we booked the room then 2 days later back in may I was watching I noticed the parking package that was great because we didn't want to pay 140 00 so we got the package and now we're sailing on the Carnival Glory the 23rd of this month can't wait thanks again

  3. my pet peeve with hotel bathrooms is if my knees hit door when im on the potty open or closed door it is too small and for that huge room. I mean 6inches in the grand layout of the room would not have killed the designer… Do the people who design hotel room stay in them? I always wonder that…

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