BEST TRAVEL ACCESSORIES 2019!! (Don't travel without these gadgets!)

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20 thoughts on “BEST TRAVEL ACCESSORIES 2019!! (Don't travel without these gadgets!)”

  1. I too bring wet wipes to clean the plane and a ziplock to put the remote into because I never felt like I could clean all the nooks and crannies, I just use the ziplock the whole time there and leave it.

  2. This was great, thank you! We’re doing a three week trip from Vancouver to Vegas then back up the West Coast in September. I’m actually neurotic about organisation so this was awesome. I’ve saved the vid’ to watch again nearer the time 😁xo

  3. Love your tips! To go along with your neck rest check out the napwrap. I like it. And for the people who mock the travel cubes, they help so if your bag gets searched, the TSA doesn't paw through all your clothes. I also take an empty water bottle to fill up after going through security.

  4. Great travel essentials 👍🏼 I love packing cubes too 😍 so good especially when I backpack travel. I didn’t know about the one that stays flat 🤔
    Going to Cuba in a week, for 3 weeks so your video is so on point 🇨🇺

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