Best Travel Packs: Knack Bags Medium Expandable Knack Pack Review

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9 thoughts on “Best Travel Packs: Knack Bags Medium Expandable Knack Pack Review”

  1. With O and D rings it is easy to add a waist belt. If you need more padding they are also available. Waist belts make a big difference when you have a fully packed out backpack or just tech gear (camera, lenses, laptop, tripod, etc.).

    A side hand would be so useful to carry brief case style and when storing overhead on trains and planes. I prefer brief case or clamp shell opening with the option of the wings being able to unclip.

    The larger Knack Pack is 22 to 37 litres for 20 dollars more but at comes in at nearly 2kg. But that extra 15 litre expansion can be so useful for shopping on the way home from work without needing anything else.

  2. Great video. I’ve been looking forward to your review of this bag. This bag is really compelling; it may be the best all around option out there. I’m not sure how I’d like the triangular front compartment, and I agree with others that lockable zippers would be nice, but other than those two minor things, this bag checks pretty much all the boxes.

    One thing I’m curious about…when it’s in the compressed mode, is the travel compartment completely flat and basically not usable, or could it still be used to carry relatively thin items?

  3. Once again,great review as always!I’m considering this pack & Quiver X & the new code of bell X Pak Pro for edc use!Actually i leave a question in your pass review in Standard luggage co carry-on backpack a day ago searching for your suggestions which ONE bag travel backpack should I buy(coz i planning to get a travel backpack & a small pack for edc use),I just notice your review in that video(sorry),but that review you already did it in October last year,so maybe you didn’t notice about my questions or you’re too busy,is ok for me,but if you willing to give me suggestions I’ll be feel glad.TQ

  4. So do the two main compartments (travel and daily) share space to some extent? Could you share some images of the daily pocket when you have the travel items are in the bag? I am a Nomatic Travel Pack user and very curious to see a comparison. Considering making the switch!

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