Binions Hotel & Casino update! 🎰

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26 thoughts on “Binions Hotel & Casino update! 🎰”

  1. I heard years ago that the cost of Asbestos removal on the Mint tower rooms was not practical for the time but now with the new tower going up at the Fremont and the new Circa Resort I think its time. l

  2. I don't remember exactly what machine, but it was one of those classic 777 machines. It was my first and only time in the Stratosphere. I was on my second roll of quarters, and I won a $750 jackpot. I quickly lost back $100 and got the hell out of there. I took my winning to Bally’s and spend the next two days playing dollar machines there with an advertised 98.5% payback. Everybody was was winning on those machines. I was winning $300 jackpot after jackpot. The guy next to me was winning $500 jackpots, but I didn't get any of those. By the end of the second day, my winning were up to $3,200. Unfortunately the third day was not good. The machines had been reprogrammed, and I lost money quick. I was down to about $300 when I quit playing. 🙁 I used that money to spend the next four days doing non-gambling stuff. It was a good time though. But wouldn't try it today. I think the casinos are too greedy now days. They won't let you win anything now. They want to take your money right away.

  3. Thanks for showing us …. very interesting… I will be in Las Vegas in two weeks…!!! The most I ever won was 20 years ago $1,000 in double balloon bars when it was coin in slot machines!!

  4. Most I've ever won on a slot was 860 bucks on Dublin Diamonds with the hot hot super jackpot…35 cents bet. I spun around 10 times and hit it. I've never had a hand pay anywhere. 🙁

  5. Binions was the very first casino I gambled in, 39 yrs ago. You could drive on Fremont and the million dollars photo op was hanging in the center of a large horseshoe.

  6. Hey guys! Love the video! That’s so crazy that they haven’t opened some of the hotel rooms in like 30 years!…..Is the poker room at Binions closed during the remodel? I saw the poker tables in your video, but it didn’t look like anyone was playing at them.

  7. Thanks for going upstairs!! I place my bets there for years and have never been up the escalator & now I dont have to because of this vid!!….FYI where you guys came in at the back area there was a FREE Elvis Museum a couple years ago with lots of displays & one in particular was Really cool wt his Gold Plated .380 Semi Auto.

  8. I like the smaller casinos. Most money won in a slot was $73 and some change at a casino in Iowa. Paid for our RV parking and my visit to the gift shop and a couple of meals.

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