Black Men Who Travel Overseas for women are INCELS! (Supasly75)

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48 thoughts on “Black Men Who Travel Overseas for women are INCELS! (Supasly75)”

  1. broke boys upset that they are getting left behind. clickbait clowns who don't have any money trying to scrape together youtube views and superchats for couch cushion change.

  2. If you go to another country and get a woman pregnant? Would the child support becoming after you. I think supersly is very angry, because his wife's keeping him under her foot, that pass port he showed, looks like it's been cancelled??

  3. Im African pro BLACK and Black American ladies are queens to me. I learned to understand them. They just have to know who you are to the core. You should not be fake to a Black lady. You gotta have more than 1 masculine quality to put on the table. You cant be a superhero to them. Get and clain your masculine qualities. I only date black ladies and i never get enough of them. So i dont get why people have to get out the US for women. Are we serious???

  4. Most of these guys telling black American men not to travel are bought and paid for by white elites at google and YouTube. Yet they will turn around and tell black men about going to Ghana.Negro sock puppets of white elites. And notice how they remove comments they do not agree with. Just like the beta males they talk about.

  5. Seasoned traveler here. DO not listen to these (inexperienced) men. Been on dates in many other countries. You want to fuck with women who act like dudes and talk like dudes go for it and date these western woman.

  6. Damn @Silent ! You held your own well against supasly75 and c boogie. You cooked those niggas and exposed them to be the bitches that they are player hating on black traveling man.

  7. THESE BLACK MEN DOING THIS SHOW ARE ACTING A LOT LIKE THE BETA MALES THEY TALK ABOUT. Anyone who says something they don’t like, they block them. This is how you know white males obsessed with black men are up to this.

  8. Black people have lost themselves. Black dna and melanin is extremely value and precious. They have been trying to devalue it for decades. The lastest con is mullato onslaught. Biracial in non racial..

  9. SYSBM brothers. If a man feels the need to go overseas for a woman then that's his choice. I don't see why another man should care. That's what's wonderful about the modern era, if you don't like your surroundings then the entire globe is at your fingertips and you can change them.

  10. That is WRONG. It's in a woman's nature to be hypergamous? that is not true at all. It's in my nature to be HAPPY. A man can be rich & if I am not attracted to him, he's bitchified or I'm not sexually attracted to him AIN'T SHIT HAPPENING WITH THAT. IDGAF what he has. If he displaying any type of EMOTIONAL BITCH ASSNESS some of these dudes on this panel was displaying??? lol…I DO NOT WANT HIM. FAT BANK ACCOUNT AND ALL. FOH.

  11. Sly is a 'tick' on the black community. You know what a tick is don't you? Many black men are so fked-up, I'm glad they are choosing other women to PREY on. It WAS his intent to offend you, but that guy held his ground.

  12. Damn, give black men a platform to be seen and heard; they use it to spread fkery across the entire globe. Sly says he is only concerned about HIS PEOPLE. This ignorant bastard is no people of mine. His blackness is ONLY skin deep, it doesn't go beyond the epidermis. Also quiet as it's kept, this dude ain't fking women. The vitriol he has for black women is too deep for him to even obtain a hard-on. Men who dislike women to the degree he does, they DO NOT get hard for vagina…believe dat…ok?Also, this dude trying to explain what Sly mean, but he's doing a bad job at, because Sly don't mean NOTHING dis dude is saying. Sly ain't SENSIBLE like how dat dude is trying to explain. Last thing, Sly and Oshay are trying to turn those guys against ALL women, because he is jealous of vagina…Sly WISH he had a vagina. I am so glad the dude is fking him up…lol.

  13. Well I'll be in the Philippines Tomorrow. The 30th. I will have fun for you. 32 days of Vacationing. American BW are not in question. Traveling has nothing to do with BW.
    Maybe it does because we aren't taking any with us. Most African Americans don't even Have nor Utilize Their PASSPORT WHY. NO passion to Travel or They Can't Travel because of Funds.

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