Blanket Forts | Playing in the Rain | Trampoline Fun | DITL Travel VLOG

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12 thoughts on “Blanket Forts | Playing in the Rain | Trampoline Fun | DITL Travel VLOG”

  1. Good job on the drawing, Alice! My son watched a video with me and saw y'all talking about Pokemon and was shocked you live an hour away. 😂 We had Oreo poke cake for my daughter's birthday. It was so good! We'll have to try a pie.

  2. Hey there Tiff, I'm loving the vacay vlogs. Aww, making forts, those were the days!! Life was so simple then. Oreo mud pie, wow, cut down on the chocolate, never too much chocolate in my opinion!! Alice, your drawing skills are amazing. The unicorn was really good sweetie!! Her hair is so long!! You guys looked like you had so much fun. Then the good ol rain spoils the day!! Have happy memorial day guys!!

  3. There’s my new family . Hey Mom. Your hand looked lovely ( did it work Tiff ? ). I like marshmallows and Oreo mud pie . It could work 😉. Kidding aside , the kids are absolutely adorable and they look like they really had a great time. Got to love family time especially when you don’t live close by them. Fills that part of your heart that misses them daily. ❤️

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