Blind Reaction to: HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT)

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  1. Ok so, I watched this like two more times, and I think I'm understanding things more. And I'm getting the names down as well. Angel Dust is a male, a sexy one at that. Vaggie is gay for Charlie but charlie is Bisexual like me. Alastor is objectively the best character, Charlie's mom and dad are Lucifer and Lilith (I'm an idiot because I to have a Lilith in my story) so many things to think about and I love it.

  2. Wait, so, the daughter of Satan the darkest, brutality, the definition of evil in general, basically all sins in one, and the most corrupted FallenAngle in the whole entire world, Lucifer himselfs daughter, is the most loving, caring, kindest, selfless, and cutest Nephilim
    (angle and demon hybrid) ever. She is the literal spawn of Satan is so sweet. Can you believe it?! I find it amazing!!!!

  3. I personally wanna find out more about the two little demons that occupany Charlie at the news room and joined in her song. Like, I wonder if they are like her servants or something and I hope they reoccur cause they are adorable.

  4. You should react to Epithet Erased by JelloApocalypse!
    It's a legit show based on a TTRPG called Anime Campaign that JelloApocalypse made (viewable on Twitch, but it's obviously very long, being a TTRPG).
    Epithet Erased right now is only available on VRV but as far as I know Jello mentioned that the episodes will appear on his channel two weeks after airing as well.
    It's a really enjoyable show and very stylized.

  5. The 9 circles of hell is a reference to Dante's inferno. Charlie is Bisexual, so Katie Killjoy just said to be insulting because she is Homophobic and a lot of people who are Homophobic just assume that Bisexual people float between gay and straight, meaning she thinks Charlie is a lesbian now because she is dating Vaggie who is a lesbian.

    Angel Dust the spider is a gay male but he is the hyper feminine type of gay male. LOL Alastor and Husk are Asexual (Lesst I assume Husk is Asexual) and I believe Nifty is Heterosexual.

    And yes this show is offensive but god damn it that is why I love it so much! I support rights for everybody but I do not go all PC thug and think humor should be all cold and sterile. Blazing Saddles is one of my all time FAVORITE films.

  6. This show feels so much like my book. I am so happy that so many people like it. I swear I will do my best to make my story as enjoyable as this despite the fact that there is some drama in it too. But what I thought is the most important in this show, is the fact that the creator is doing whatever she wants and she is doing an amazing job with it. I am doing the same thing basically and I am already prepared tio fight the hateful idiotic assholes coming my way.

  7. Progeria is a rare disorder that causes the body to age in appearance. In other words; by age 10, a child looks like a 50 year old midget.

    Sadly, kids with this condition don't live very long. But the oldest individual on record to live a "long life" with Progeria died at 26

  8. A fun fact, look at the house and the end of 'Lucifer's staff. Apples are everywhere, such as on the stain glass and such. And from what I saw in comments on it, the apples all represent the Apple Lucifer tempted Adam and Eve with. Nothing important, probably, but a fun easter egg for those of us that like easter eggs with religious stuff.

  9. From wot I've seen of this so far, it looks like this show has an age demographic confusion
    Like it has elements for really young children, so they should watch it right? But it also has some inappropriate themes, so is it aimed at adults? Coz adults will have a hard time enjoying it because of the childish elements.
    So who's the audience?
    This is an extremely common problem with new artists who want to make storys, because they're are writing a series that suits THEIR kinda entertainment, which is a combination of inappropriate jokes and themes, with childish personalities and tones, this makes me concerned with this series

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