Boardwalk Hotel Implosion

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4 thoughts on “Boardwalk Hotel Implosion”

  1. I was staying next door at the Monte Carlo, when the implosion of the Boardwalk took place. My wife and I were down in the casino, when the announcement of the implosion was made on the late news. So, we had no idea that this was taking place. My wife woke up, thinking a terrorist attack had taken place in Vegas. It was only when the dust started to settle that I could see that the Boardwalk was no longer standing. Later, Monte Carlo management said that they should have left a message in every occupied room about the implosion. Apparently, the owners of City Center felt that since the Boardwalk was such a small casino with no history like the Sands or the Aladdin, that they didn't want to make a big production. Hence, the implosion at 2:30am, to minimize traffic disruptions on the Strip.

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