BOOK Your Costa Rica Vacation With Us – Why U Should

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11 thoughts on “BOOK Your Costa Rica Vacation With Us – Why U Should”

  1. I'll be emailing you in around September or October to plan for my trip next year in Costa Rica. I'm doing a study abroad for 6 months there but I'm coming a month or so before to travel around with my family. Can't wait!

  2. I would LOVE to meet you two! My daughter and I will be down there from July 3-13 and I have a girlfriend joining us from July 6-11. We’re looking to spend the majority of time ‘chillaxtin’ but we are up to a couple of tours and nights out. I’ll go on the website and enter it there. Pura Vida…

  3. I can attest from first hand experience everything he's saying is true. I've used them and stayed in their rental Tico house in Arenal in addition to having them help us co-ordinate travel to Monteverde and Manuel Antonio (yeah Vernita!). Everything was EXACTLY as promised. Can't wait to return to CR and I wouldn't hesitate to use Mike and D'Angelo again!

  4. My friend stayed at a 5 star hotel and his daughter nearly got bit by a snake in the lobby. He told me that you have to check your bed before sleeping on it to make sure theres bo creatures on it before jumping in.

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