Books to Bring With You On Vacation!

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42 thoughts on “Books to Bring With You On Vacation!”

  1. Try “Seven Days of You” by Cecilia Vinesse as well! I think it’s a great read for a vacation considering that book takes you to different places in Tokyo, really enjoyed the romance too :))

  2. i think you'd like the longest holiday by Paige Toon. She's such an amazing adult romance writer and I still every much read ya but her books are so so good that I venture to adult for them!!

  3. Have you read “the map that leads to you”? I heard is a great book for summer because its about a traveling but i haven’t read it yet, thanks for your recommendations i will definitely check them out!

  4. Hey I know you probably get hundreds of people giving you books to review, buy could you please please please please review the missing books by Margaret peterson haddix. Thank you.

  5. Wanderlost sounds like such a cute book I have no idea how I’ve never heard of it. The unhoneymooners was such a great book it immediately made my favorites shelf.

  6. I am so sad you put this up now…I go on vacation next week so I already ordered the books I want to read😢 (The Selection Series, The Crazy Rich Asians Series, and the first book of The Cellar series)

  7. Last year onvacation i brought two books of this really good ya paranormal kind of series but it were kind of "heavy" books and i realky enjoyed them but reading about for example a massmurder doesn't quite set the vacation mood. Luckily i also brought my go to vacation sort of books: light-hearted fluffy contemporaries

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