Boyfriend Run Over Girlfriend After Catching Her With Another Woman Leaving Hotel..DA PRODUCT DVD

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43 thoughts on “Boyfriend Run Over Girlfriend After Catching Her With Another Woman Leaving Hotel..DA PRODUCT DVD”

  1. A lot these hoe's getting turn out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚right in the church, better stay woke. for u clowns ass niggas who be like i dont care if my girl fuck on another girl. yea ok,i bet when u find out that whore having 3somes with that bitch and other men all out of that church u feel some type of way,but a lot of these dumb hoes Talking about kings😱 bitch where? 🐩dumb bitch them niggas with bald heads and a Beard? lol hell naw them niggas is somebody girl friend facts dumb hoe just follow buddy one day or week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the stigma of a good girl in church is long gone my friend. if ya bitch in a church always wanting to go too church(everybody knows church is boring y'all stop with the fake shit) that hoe being control and manipulated and the sad part about it is she think that she is winning.. But her savings account is in the red lol smh all that time at church bitches cant raise their own kids because They handler is the so called friend who helps manipulate and push them away from their family with the acting nice and caring for they best interest in reality they breaking up ur family bond between you the kids and their dad. who the fuck can they tell u who good for you only weak humans fall for this shit u can't trust nobody to be there like their dad, reason being he's obligated to be there with his baby so when dad say fuck u yall act like he wrong facts… The friendly shit dont get you no where,stay woke.some woman have No self respect at all… niggas and hoes be fucking on these so called god believer's Who would wife them? #nobody sorry Little whore Being a whore is not winning… in the act of ur lil activities those who fucking on u knows u ain't shit for real…9times out of ten the bitch and That nigga playing ur dumb ass they laughing at ur kids pain
    and u telling them all ur business shit deep my nigga the difference between those people and the person u being disloyal too is the one u treating like shit is the one who will die for u facts. If he didnt feel this way he wouldve left a long time ago think about that yall fucking up bad out here. now them people u keep running to who see ur family having problems and still encourage u to do more of the thing u do that's causes problems then tries to make u think ur man is a jealous man or tells you u need get out and relax the whole time they thinking about sex with you dumb ass Lil girl this ain't for that super whore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you already understand u ain't shit u probably already have that STD

  2. Damn this sucker in the back ground laughing instead of checking if that female is ok and that guy is wrong running over that female never fight for no relationship that can cast you your freedom and damage your respect much love And Respect ✊🏾 OG Product garrison president..!! Yes Tony Yayo said it don’t trust a big ass and a smile and I see you agree just like me with that advice..!!!

  3. tjis is nothimg to laugh at …he coulda killed em.he lost big time….he gonna ve in jail and lost both pussy…( i would fuvk both before i leave her.when amvtired of uding em i would dump both.they aint playing me like that.

  4. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Here's the boom facts. This catastrophe, this foolishness, this act of Boom Theft Auto was not about a love triangle and wasn't taken place at a hotel, matter of boom fact, there wasn't even a man steering the wheel or sitting in the passenger side. Word around the campfire here in San Antonio Tx., it was two dames that were in the vehicle trying to catch a case, by running down some other broads. This boomed up in the NW side of San Antonio; at a bar and grill, college spot called The Well. Currently the Dunkins are looking for the suspects. Here's a link being reported by the San Antonio Current, you'll also find the OG link of the video via Facebook. Shhhrraaahhhhh!!!

  5. He's supposed to be trying to get both of them in the bed what's wrong with this guy he retarded weirdo facts I could have seen if she was a stud a girl look like a boy then I can relate just a little bit other than that weirdo facts again

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