BREAKING: Las Vegas Shooting – Eyewitness Ben Sweeney – What Did He Say? IAMJOHNCULLEN

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31 thoughts on “BREAKING: Las Vegas Shooting – Eyewitness Ben Sweeney – What Did He Say? IAMJOHNCULLEN”

  1. I read a ladies comment on another youtube channel that said that whole fiasco was about 2 saudi princes that were in vegas to kidnap girls to take to Saudi and it was an FBI sting. She didnt respond to me when i asked where to confirm her story but was actually belivable narrative. Wish I could remember the guys channel that tracked flights helicopter traffic in las vegas identifying ones that had turned off transponders etc. Interesting stuff

  2. So. We have basically what sounds like commandos or a killing regime on a dark ops mission for a target inside that hotel . What ever reason it went bad they had to make it look like something else was going on and pull away from there plan so plan B was to have a a unstable man (JOHN PATSY) they had helicopters that were painted or made to look like law enforcement helicopters and wore law enforcement uniforms and they shot up the concert as a way to pull the attention away from what went on. I want to know what the armed men took out of the casino all the surveillance out through the casino floor …. did the main target go with that group ? Is that group in those large blacked out SUVs that were being hit with GREEN LAZER ? Why were they being targeted that specific blacked out suv what Person or SON OF A KING was in that suv ? Am I reaching now? Makes sense follow the guys in the floor taking the stuff out and try to find out on cameras where did that Black GMC or black Chevy go did the helicopters go with it? Was that the main target ? If so have all the videos man keep doing the great work you do

  3. Mr. Cullen, in an early video you theorized that it might have been the Saudi’s in those helicopters. Has your theory changed? If not, was the concert and fuel tanks potentially a diversion so as to carry out an assassination on a royal family member? Great work.

  4. The thing that's most appalling is they closed the book on the case, without every giving the slightest explanation of a motive. Nothing, notta, zip!! All those people murdered and injured, but no motive once so ever. They claim to have caught and killed the alleged shooter, but never gave any explanation of why he supposedly did it. Bullshit meter off the charts!!!!

  5. John I remember the young man ( Ben) from past video that he saw the helicopter lights & hid in the bathtub…how can that fact be ignored? Thank you so much!

  6. So clear to see that the helicopters were shooting. Who was in them and shooting? Still to be proven to my satisfaction.

    Whether govt. Or foreign govt? Makes no difference. Accessory after the fact if our govt. not the perpetrators but covered up those responsible.

    Either way. Heads have got to roll. Starting from the top down, charges must be filed!!!

  7. Ben Sweeney isn't telling the truth. At no point in any video the hotel is lit up by search light beams and no helicopters in any video have search lights on during the shooting.

  8. Great vid John, definitely appear to credible witnesses. I had seen the Ben interview on CBC before, I wonder if it would be worthwhile trying to contact him in person to ask for any other details he remembered, maybe have him on your podcast..? You may remember another Canadian that was interviewed on CBC, he was a native Indian guy who was taking pictures on the roof. He was with a MB security guy then the chopper(s) showed up shining lights on them too. He was freaked out since his camera equipment case looked potentially like a gun case….then he said he suspects the security guard that was with him radio’d up to the chopper not to shoot them (or something similar)… Contacting these guys might be hard, unless the CBC probably has their contact info and could pass along a message on someone’s behalf that would like to speak with them…just thinking out loud, it’d be neat to hear YOU interview these guys..

  9. how about the guy on the roof of the Mandalay//// they shined bright lights on him too…. BUT WERENT cops…. WHO WERE THEY////????
    the question must be ANSWERED before the case can be closed////

  10. FBI ….. and LVMPD never nvestigated the chopper aspect….WHY???
    cleanup / coverup / obstruct / intimidate / conceal evidence / close the case

  11. Could these be the same Helicopters that shines a light on the camera man who was on top of the “ Man-Da-Slay- Bay” and thought that the police shined a light on him while he had a huge black bag with all his camera equipment in it!!!!! This is the 2nd eye witness to talk about Heli’s shineing spot lights

  12. TFS!! They think we’re just going to let this go??? Thank you for all your doing to EXPOSE these sick rat bastard humans! 👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Since it's been somewhat narrowed down between gunfire after single shots and automatic shots.
    Wonder if there is enough video to see the helicopter light his room up ?
    That light should be a very bright light.

  14. YES!!! You officially busted this one wide open brother!!! Now when do people start being held accountable? I knew from the beginning that something was fishy about this whole thing, and we were right and you proved it thank you JohnCullen for shining a light on this horrible atrocity

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