BREAKING NEWS : 8 explosions around the country target churches and hotels

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23 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS : 8 explosions around the country target churches and hotels”

  1. This is all planned for Rajapakse regime to come into power by winning the upcoming elections. They want to show people that the country cannot run without them in power. Murderers. Poor Christian people have nothing to do with any of those conflicts in SL. They are the most peaceful and decent people in that land. They do not fight for anything but just go on with their day today lives even if they were harassed from time to time by extremist Buddhist people. If it was done by radical Muslims, they would target Buddhist people who are constantly attacking them for various things. My prayers and thoughts goes out to all the victims.

  2. Islam is not religion Islam is cancer no cure prevention is better than cure. What I heard from media Those cowards are Muslim. Srilankan intelligent service informed by foreign countries
    Intelligent failure. Looks to me Government involved

  3. hope no muslims are involved with it, really feeling sorry for those innocent souls, i think we should kill all terrorist whatever their religion is. please muslims we should do jihad against terrorists…there should be a law to hang anyone who talks about extremism

  4. My condolences to the Christians communities in Sri Lanka. Thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, may you find strength and courage during this difficult time. Much love and God Bless

  5. I have no words! The assassins are vile and perfidious crétins. My sympathies belong to the victims, their families, and the Nation of Sri Lanka! Respects from Cologne, the cathedral city in Germany.

  6. 💚💚🌟🌟💙💙❤️❤️💸🎁🎁🏘️🏘️⚡️🌼🌼 ⚡️💥💥🍀🍀💛💛 Sulla base di solo amore. Dio mandò il suo Figlio Gesù Cristo a morire al posto nostro. Poi il terzo giorno Lui è risorto dai morti.

    Ora, anche se solo Gesù Cristo. Dio ci ha concesso il dono della vita eterna. Egli salverà e guarirà, se si chiede lui.

    💚💚🌟🌟💙💙❤️❤️💸🎁🎁🏘️🏘️⚡️🌼🌼 ⚡️💥💥🍀🍀💛💛

  7. துயரமும் கண்ணீரும் நிறைந்த ஞாயிறு சாெல்ல முடியாத வேதனை இரத்த வெள்ளம் கதறல் சத்தம் ஆம்புளன்ஸ் சத்தம் இதுதான் என் தேசம் தெய்வங்கள் எல்லாம் தாேற்றுப்பாேனது.

  8. Jesus taught there are 2 Rules or Laws… Love GOD and Neighbor. Please My dear Brothers… Lets try harder. Thankfully all the blameless will be resurrected and all things will be made new under new heavens. People… we need you love and help.. PEACE TO ALL>

  9. USA have death penalty . did it stop 9/11? no so this is not a deterrent to Islam terrorist. at the root of this problem is the religion it self. unless reformed the world will never get rid of Islam terrorists.

  10. ජඩ අමන තක්කඩි අවස්ථාවාදී කූට බලලෝභි දේශපාලුවන් තම බලය රැකගැනීම සඳහා මෙන්ම ගිලිහී ගිය බලය නැවත රැක ගැනීමට රටේ ජනතාව බිල්ලට දෙන අමන දේශපාලනයට හසු නොවන්න. ජාතින් අතර ආගම් අතර ගැටුම් ඇති කර රට නැවත වරක් යුද්ධයකට රැගෙන යාමට මාන බලන්නේ රටේ දියුණුවට නොව. තම අවස්ථාවාදී පටු බල අරගලය සදහා පමණක් බව 1983 සිට මෙවැනිම තත්ත්වයක් මගින් ආරම්භ වූ යුද්ධයේ අත්දැකීම් විදපු ජනතාව තේරුම් ගැනීමට ඔලුව පාවිච්චි කල යුතු අතර මෙම ජඩ දේශපාලන උගුලට හසු නොවී සියලුම සහෝදර ජනතාව සමඟ සමගියෙන් කටයුතු කරමු. හදවතට පෙර බුද්ධිය මෙහෙයවන්න. ස්තුතියි

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