BRUTALLY HONEST review of American Airlines EIGHT HOUR domestic flight in ECONOMY

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40 thoughts on “BRUTALLY HONEST review of American Airlines EIGHT HOUR domestic flight in ECONOMY”

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  2. Just curious…you said AA is a dreadful airline, so why on earth would you subject yourself to an 8 hr flight? I am no fan of AA but if you have already determined it will suck why bother?

  3. I am always amazed about the expectations of meals on all American carriers in economy class. There is NEVER hot meals in Economy class in the US. Those disappeared in the 1980's.
    Helpful hints if you are Economy:

    1. Eat a big meal in the airport
    2. Bring plenty of food on board with you
    3. Accept that flying Economy is going to be very minimal service

    Alternative: Save your pennies and buy a Business Class ticket, then you will get a hot meal!

  4. No hot meal is served because our US airlines don't need to provide one. They know that the only thing that motivates us is ticket price. We Americans will put up with anything for that cheap seat.  It pains me to no end that my fellow Americans' attitude is that if we want a glorified Happy Meal, we can just buy one for ourselves at McDonalds before boarding the plane. I'm afraid they are correct, but nothing adds to the actual experience of flying commercially than enjoying a hot meal in Economy, no matter how small the serving.

  5. Great vlog! I wasn’t expecting much when I flew London to Honolulu via LA but AA surprised me on their A321. Admittedly I have Qantas Platinum so I got First Lounge and up front seating and to be fare service with a smile! Really want to try AA out of London one day….

  6. I don't think they deserve all those negative feelings you have even before boarding. the cabin is more than decent and modern. the legroom is way more than what you get on any european airline and deserves way more than an "okay". also I'm sure that if you ask for a pillow, you get a pillow.

  7. American, Delta, and Hawaiian are the only ones that offer meal service on flights to Hawaii. American from DFW, Delta from ATL, DET, MSP, and JFK, and Hawaiian on all flights to the U.S. mainland.

  8. Great review again — I always enjoy watching videos on your channel as you show what is like to travel in economy, where most passengers will spend their time. In terms of this video, I am actually surprised as I had extremely low expectations of the flights not only because of American's reputation (which I experienced firsthand on a domestic flight from DC to New Orleans) but also because I took a United 7+hour flight from Denver to Honolulu on a Boeing 767 with no PTV (screen to your personal device) and only a pack of pretzels and drink served; everything else was buy on board.

  9. Just flew ORD-LAS-ORD the other week in AA domestic First and it was quite above expectation. The crews were very friendly both legs, catering was ok – although they screwed up our meal order on our way back. Anyhow the seats were spacious and this was the main reason for First. Would not mind to consider them again.

  10. I remember flying with Delta from Manchester-JFK which is like a 7 hour flight and I still got served a hot meal plus drink and snacks throughout the flight. I definitely won't consider flying with American Airlines after watching this video. I mean, that snack box is pathetic and that leg room looked tight for a long haul flight. Great video btw. Would be great if you could include the cost of the flight in the video.

  11. Americans have been trained to expect very little service from their airlines, and for expensive prices. In Europe, you get this type of non-service from budget airlines, but for budget ticket prices.

  12. If I am correct, the longest domestic flight in the USA is from Honolulu to Boston on Hawaiian Airlines. Keep doing great!. Love your videos and keep doing airline reviews all around the world!

  13. David, your audio came out very good this time… whatever you did, it worked… And it was a great review. Yes, American Airlines and most other U.S. carriers have a low standard of service, especially in economy class. I can understand once you arrived in Honolulu, you would have been very hungry. On U.S. domestic sectors, are travellers allowed to bring their own food onto the plane, so as they don't starve…. (???) Shame on American for being so miserable and lousy with their catering.

  14. Hawaiian Airline for a 5 hour flight from HNL-LAX if you leave on a first flight you will get a hot sandwich. What’s worse Hawaiian charge $4.00 for a cup of noodle where grocery store will charge way less.

  15. Well at least AA managed to get you to Hawaii without canceling you or a huge technical delay!! AA is all about cost now (see project Oasis and its issues) but then that's hardly surprising for an airline who made a loss last year, and could only report profit, due to the credit card they offer. Sadly I can't say I'm shocked at the experience, at least you got a second beverage cart run.

  16. Talk about cheap and nasty. That wouldnt even be half a wrap. It looked like they needed to feed 4 passengers so cut a wrap into quarters. If an airline needs to be that cheap you'd have you to question should they really be in business.

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