Budget Travel Challenge to Masbate! (Philippines)

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22 thoughts on “Budget Travel Challenge to Masbate! (Philippines)”

  1. Wow! I'm definitely up for the challenge! And I agree, since it's in the PH, the budget is more than enough! Hehe i hope Cebu Pacific will make this Challenge available for everyone. I'm beyond the age limit eh hahaha

  2. Wish I was Phillipino, and 18-23 😁. Looks awesome. Our friends have been to Phillipines and loved it. It's on our list now too.
    Being from Montana, it would be awesome to see how other countries do Rodeos. Thanks for sharing -Henry

  3. Wow! This is sooooo informative! Wish I were around 18-23 years old. Haha! I've read your blog just recently. And what you're doing is truly #TRAVELGOALS for us! Hopefully, we'd be as bold as you are in exploring the world. We're starting Hong Kong Travel Vloggers and aspiring digital nomads! Saw Ave's vlog with you and Baninay and I'm pretty impressed to know that you're one of the top 20 travel bloggers in the world. How to be you po? Hope you to see you either in Pinas or in Hong Kong one day! Keep on inspiring others with your blogs and video blogs! xoxo -Geri

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