Building a Hotel | Ben Mallah | KONCRETE Podcast 25

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37 thoughts on “Building a Hotel | Ben Mallah | KONCRETE Podcast 25”

  1. 1 minute in and they are arguing about water and cigarettes.
    Ben: "Smoking is my breathing exercise" 😂. God damn give me seasons of Life for Sale!

  2. DANNY!! Can you ask Ben next podcast about starting a REIT(Real-Estate Investment Trust) or a Real-Estate Investors Club. He's right, there is strength in numbers, but he's not taking advantage of this. He has the notoriety and track record to attract a lot of investors or club members, and he would still be able to control the deals as it would his trust or club. If he did start a trust or club he would be able to buy pretty much anything, like very large resorts/hotels that cost hundreds of millions. 

    There is some big money in flipping those, Whistler-Blackcomb (a ski resort) sold for 1.06 Billion last year to Vail Resorts. I know for a fact that 5 years prior to that deal, it would of sold for at-most 650-750 million and Whistler-Blackcomb didn't put in anywhere near the 250+ million that they profited. All they did was go crazy on advertising and it worked, the resort became very popular and the previous owners made a huge return on basically pumping up the resort and dumping it off to a corporation that has the money to overpay.

    Personally, I would love to invest or team up with the big guy.

  3. Dad dies 65 of heart disease and lung cancer. His biggest regret was starting smoking at age 13. Its those final suck ass disease ridden final years which makes all those smoking lung exercise smoke days not worth it when viewed in retrospect. Invest in medical equipment company if you continue.Can lose on the beach such area in Miami where beach front property is now underwater and flooded after Hurricane and Tornado season.

  4. Danny, you can get a free Google Voice number that will forward calls to your real number. The service is free and you can kill the forward after podcast. 1 free legit number per Google account. I use mine when selling stuff on Craigslist and such. Your real number wont be revealed.

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