Buju Banton hotel room search what they didnt tell you

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  1. Lets keep it real I am Jamaican and my husband is Trinidadian (BLACK MAN). The black Trinidadian love and respect Jamaican but Trinidad is very racist. "Most" Indian Trinis think they are better than the black Trinis or any other black people for that matter….I been to the country and seen it first hand….I just got one thing to say look at the commissioner of T&T Police (not a blackman). That is the problem anybody that don't look indian. Coming into Trinidad that's a LOVED, POPULAR BLACK MAN will be a target period.

  2. Just because someone is loved and respected doesn't make them exempt from the laws of another country,,,i love Buju and got irritated asf when i saw what happened but the law is the law. Look at it this way,,,,if you are a felon whether for murder, drugs, whatever, can you obtain a US VISA??πŸ€”πŸ€” We are not the US but we do have laws and a felon cannot just enter the country without stipulations ,,,, i am half Jamaican was born in Trinidad so my comment is not bias in any way,,,i can assure you about that. This video however is bias asf

  3. Yo SoulFlo my Brethren Yohan chin got kidnapped in Trinidad almost 2 weeks ago & we still caan here nothing. Please make a video about this or do sm research. he may not be getting full efforts from authorities because hes a Jamaican business man. This story should he highlighted. Check into this please!

  4. You didn't show the clip of the commissioner on stage with Buju lol… That man is crazy yo. Trying to get more Fame and recognition than Buju himself. He just made Trinidad look so bad for his 15 seconds of Fame. Buju smart though, he know that Trini love him and his music so he stayed strong for the fans. Jah bless Buju!

  5. Shalom and good night my brother I'm not going to tell you my calling but I sense things before they happen and I knew about this because they've been setting up buju banton ever since he got out of prison in Florida because he was innocent then therefore he's innocent again I can say this it doesn't matter what the powers to be is because greater is the most high Yahuah that is in you then he that's in the world you see they are trying to set up buju banton again saith most high Yahuah of host and Yah has revealed to me that buju banton needs to be extremely careful saith the most high Yah he has to be aware of his surroundings and be careful who he lets in his path be wise as a warrior but be humble as it dove our brothers and sisters have to understand our enemies to haters because our ancestors because we are the true Hebrew Israelites we have the Royal bloodline Jamaica is known as The tribe of Benjamin belongs to the southern kingdom alone with Judah is known as the king of Judah and this goes back in ancient biblical historical times because we was prophesied since the beginning of time according to Ezekiel 37 knowing that three supermoons in a row has pass already and I witness all three already that have came to Pass this year is a prophetic year look what's been going on in the churches to all our brothers and sisters our ancestors was stolen against their will and brought all four corners of thee Earth with ships it's because we are the aboriginal indigenous people that's been here since the beginning of time peace, love, and power be with all my brothers and sisters Amen πŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ™

  6. I'm really sorry for wat happen with buju, dem police is a set of gays, n police service is government i pack of fraud, corrupt nasty pretending ass whips, ppl like Gary Griffith, but he showed me he's one of dem…..Trinidadians love buju I grew up on his music .don't let that type speaks 4 d hole of Trinidadians…

  7. That's the last place him should ah go Trinidad don't support dancehall. Buju need fe stay home and chill and make music Inna him studio.The people want to much from him to soon. Who can't see a change in this man blind. People want to put him on a pedestal and push him to be a leader. All to much to soon. @@ck Trinidad ah so them gwan like them better than all other island especially Jamaicans, Yeh I can say it as experience them. And there's another [email protected]@ry island that equal them to.

  8. All they wanted was the possible notoriety of being able to say that they’re the ones who sent Buju back to Jail…Trini never liked Jamaicans anyway…I’m not guessing I know…Buju should never go back based on their treatment of him pre/post- arrival n how they’ve treated fellow Jamaicans…did everyone forget how their past female PM spoke of Jamaicans in a derogatory fashion?..Buju should just rake in all the $s, and nuh guh back deh!

  9. It’s amazing the police have their job to do base on information that they receive while John public rant and rave over none issues the cop was invited on the stage by Buju thank God he the cop use professional diplomacy with the language used come on people use the more than one brain cell that you have

  10. Bro bro buju The real carebeans King him for positive vibes to the hall island some elite hate that part of Him. they welcome Him if he was confused Black men or coon ass half πŸ‘° like them (big up buju real one Love you Frome every islands Peace bro

  11. In my opinion I think what went down in Trinidad with Buju Banton is bigger than we think.. Most of it has to do with politics, it is a long time history, you have to go do your research. The prime minister of Jamaica was invited to a meeting at Donald Trump's house in Florida the other day. Trinidad and some of the CARICOM countries were not invited it caused animosity between the region. I think that's why they did it. Buju Banton was the scapegoat to stick it back to Jamaica, notice the smirk on the Commissioners face. The other perspective is jealousy, so many people love Buju Banton regardless.

  12. These police force in the Caribbean is to be PITIED,
    These So -called Lawmen do these things because of the orders from the Top
    By those that hate the African descendants
    l am sure T & T have a lot of wanted Murderers that they need to purge out of their own country, that is what should concern them,
    Clean out their cold cases, instead of Harassing people
    All you countries of the racist and perverted government of this world
    Don,t put more on a man than what he is guilty, or you will pay,
    YAH is not dead nor does he sleep.

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