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10 thoughts on “BUYING YOUR FIRST RENTAL?”

  1. The great thing about a carry back is all terms are negotiable. The money down and interest rate, who pays for what etc And it saves everyone money. No agents, so that saves a ton of money. Money you can pass on to the buyer. I gave my tenant a great deal, only 5% down. But yes, you're right, I got him at 6% interest. I have found the easiest way to break into rentals is to take your current house you live in, and flip it to a rental. Awesome car btw.

  2. It’s crazy to think that most Americans don’t even have $1,000 saved!! 20% probably seems like an impossible option. For the other grinders, 20% is a great starting point. No PMI, etc. you are killin it with rentals already my man! I am looking to have rental income down the road after I settle into an area where management is easier.

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