BWCA Angleworm Trail Solo Zen Trip

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31 thoughts on “BWCA Angleworm Trail Solo Zen Trip”

  1. Flip flops and socks! Nice…
    I wear Keen Aruba II sandals . Great for the campsite mainly because of the arch support and toe protection!

    Check them out Shug! Matt from NC!

  2. A little Dust In The Wind ukulele serenade while watching a Loon lap the lake from the most beautiful camp spot I’ve ever seen. Thank you that’s what it’s all about.

  3. Awesome video Shug. Good to see you out on the trail but it's not fair that you aren't getting to enjoy the hordes of blackflies that have been consuming everyone in my neck of the woods.

  4. Great video Shug ,
    Nice to see you back on the trail .
    Just ordered myself a new diamond back quilt with the collar and elastic back option in Bushwack camo. Got on sale this past memorial day sale. Wish I would of seen this video before. Took me a while to decide on the options
    Thanks again

  5. 4 a.m out in the bush , fog covered lake , and a BIG splash . Absolutely , 100% , beyond any reasonable doubt ,a Squatch !! They do that so nobody can see em 😀 I like the shorts . So the Maple King writes to people while in the wild , or leaves notes for critters ? Nice 2 C U out again .. BG

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