BYU Football Game (Travel Vlog)

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22 thoughts on “BYU Football Game (Travel Vlog)”

  1. What a great video, and I am so impressed with what you shared emotionally and for the character you and your team as a whole showed. I'm a die hard BYU fan, but count me a Liberty fan as well after this past weekend. Go Flames!

  2. BYU fan here, I was at the game on Saturday and I was very impressed by your leg. Your team also seemed to be full of people who work hard and seem to be good sports. Thank you for sharing this Vlog, I especially enjoyed your story about the two little kids. Best of luck, man!

  3. BYU fan here. Loved the vlog! Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s funny you mentioned Marion Probert at the end of your video, because when I heard your last name I was going to comment that we have a Probert jersey retired in the stadium, but it looks like you’re already on top of it. Thanks again for the vid!

  4. Great video. Great game. Glad byu plays you guys. It’s an honor to have you guys in Provo. Will come up to VA next time. High character player right here folks! Go Probert and Go flames!

  5. Such a cool video, really neat to see from an athletes perspective, the travel, team meetings etc. Loved it and especially liked the story you told at the end, that was sweet. Nicely done, thanks for taking the time with those kids, moments like that last a life time. Good luck on the rest of your season.

  6. Great Vlog of your experience. There are some Proberts at BYU. Old friend of mines dad was an All American at BYU in the 60s and his number is retired. You guys fought hard was impressed with your team. Good luck rest of the way.

    Haha sorry I was cutoff at the end of your video, rewatched, you did mention my buddy's dad. Nice.

  7. BYU fan here. Got to tell you, you're an awesome representative of both Liberty University and college athletes in general. In the long term, the scoreboard doesn't matter, it's the character you build and the life you live. And you are winning big time. Keep up the great work. I knew nothing about LU before this game, now your video will come to mind every time I hear your school's name in the future. Thanks.

  8. BYU fan here that was at the game. Big leg that never left any question about a return. Great video!! Glad to hear you had a great experience and I hope you have a great finish to the season.

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