Caesars Sells Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

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31 thoughts on “Caesars Sells Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas”

  1. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal the World Series of Poker will eventually move into Caesars new $375 million, 550,000 square foot Caesars Forum conference center near the Linq hotel at some point.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit the Rio because the WSOP is held there but it’s just so far away from everything.

    It looks so much closer to the strip than it actually is.

  3. As Jocob has stated before, and I'll reiterate now, this is an interesting time to be in Vegas with potential for more ownership of Resorts. This is just the 1st domino to fall, as this is evident and we won't know till it happens. Competition breeds excitement and possible lower rates, better comps, etc; etc. Really looking forward to what the future will hold for all of us here, and those coming to Vegas to play.

  4. Otherwise, we needed to sale another casino because we, and other casinos continue to charge exorbitant, ridiculous venue, parking, resort, and extortion fees. Vegas has gone almost completely corporate. Receiving free drinks while gambling, show tickets or comps was something to look forward to. If you spent money in a casino you were guaranteed one or more of the above. Paying for parking or valet even though your a guest of the hotel. Being charged a resort fee for incidentals you never use, plus a hidden charge of $300 for incentives is more than enough for us to never return to Vegas again. $9 for a bottle of water? Hook yourself up a Starbucks Venti cup of ice water for a dollar if your so inclined. $70 for two plates of eggs, hash browns, toast, and a hot beverage at the hotel coffee shop?? Yes, $70 basic breakfast for two at a coffee shop excluding tax, hotel or venue fee and tip. Not a resturant, cafe, etc. Vegas has stripped away almost everything that made it attractive to those of us who frequently traveled there. Not only can you expect nothing from any casino you gamble at, but the room's and quality of service has become sub-par at best. You are now a number in Vegas. Not a guest. Maybe bringing in professional team's is what New Corporate Vegas has set as it's goal? Sport's tourism. I don't see this completely working out. I see the fees, and charges going up, and eventually the only tourists will be the ill-informed or ill-educated.

  5. I don't see how anybody could have believed that baseball stadium rumour, why would they tear down a perfectly good hotel and casino complex when they can build a new baseball stadium elsewhere for less, it's not like there's a shortage of land south or north of the Las Vegas strip.

  6. I always loved The Rio, a large off-strip all suites hotel and casino with good decent prices and all the amenities you can want in one place. Always a great environment at The Rio, hope they don't change the feel of the place.

  7. I heard Bellagio was being sold for $600 million to Pawn Stars. However Rick Harrison will offer $2000 bucks for it, since he has to frame it and make some money off of it.

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