Can I Pay the House Cleaner Less? Vacation Rental Mailbag

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4 thoughts on “Can I Pay the House Cleaner Less? Vacation Rental Mailbag”

  1. Hi my friend, love your videos.i clean houses too, and I see that some people are abusers they want to have quality results and pay cheap labor😮. that make me mad😡. I know my value on my work. And if they don't like my prices.i leave.there is going to be others who will appreciate it and for those I stay👍😊

  2. There’s also a matter of respect for the trustworthy people you’ve brought into your home to do the job well. Most of us who do this work have a work ethic we stand by and are proud of. Low-balling your service workers creates resentment and it’s actually rather disrespectful. My .02. Love this channel!

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