Can You Time Travel to the Tribulation? YES (Rev. 1:7-10) | Dr. Gene Kim

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39 thoughts on “Can You Time Travel to the Tribulation? YES (Rev. 1:7-10) | Dr. Gene Kim”

  1. Thank you Pastor Kim for your great teaching, I have heard this book taught so many other ways,and thought that doesn't make sense.Excited and only on Chapter 1! God Bless!!

  2. Thank you pastor, from the bottom of my heart, for providing the public with knowledge from the truth of God’s holy scriptures. You don’t know how I’ve been longing to search for the truth in the Bible and I have read many resources and websites online. I finally opened my heart and my mind just a month ago because my soul was seeking for more in truth, and my soul was deprived of soul food.. lol. I was seeking for more teachings, because the church/cult that I used to go to for 25 years was not enough. Teachings were based on 28 lessons made into doctrines, and the church told us not to search anything online or read from the Bible, for the Bible is only to be read by appointed messengers of God.. my soul was very curious that I wanted to search for answers outside of the church.. Jesus answered my prayers, and people like you are truly God-sent. I can’t thank you enough. I learned God and Jesus is loving and kind and merciful. I’ve never felt this kind of love from Jesus when I was inside the church. I fear Jesus and God more than the church, for the church is man-made and we’ll only be saved through our acknowledgment of and repentance with Jesus. God bless you pastor. May we all be saved on the Lord’s 2nd coming.

  3. 👏🏼👏🏼 awesome 👏🏼 i was learned the book of revelation a while back I think they don’t know what they are talking about and at that time. I am not a Bible believer Dispensationalist yet ! I still don’t get it . But since i am bible believers Dispensation , I understand bible better and i just know what verse apply to me and others verse apply to the jews! And guys what are you waiting for , joining bible believers Dispensationalist ! Will help clear all confused and wrongs Doctrines out there is Satan mix a little liars confused Christians ! I was one of them been deceived by wrongs Doctrines for long time! I pray so hard with The Lord Jesus Christ for long time please help me guide to the right teaching and protect me from wrongs Doctrines and faults miracles and God lead to find pastor Gene Kim in YouTube! From beginning I watched his videos and prayers may sure that is from the Lord Jesus Christ and I have peace! And finally I know the truth and the truth is set me free! And first give Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, secondly give thanks to pastor Gene Kim for his time and his whole members at his church to put all the videos together put online to reached out from all over the world! I am from Dallas, Texas Guys ! I am searching church in Dallas none of the church bible believers Dispensation Kingjame 1611 are none ! So everyday I watched his videos daily and Sunday sermon online, i am have acknowledged and progress growing and learned. And my walk with God is now by Faith! Not by my emotions or feelings anymore . And growing proper Christian yeah ! Hallelujah! Guys joining bible believers Dispensation you guys will know the truth of the word of God and the great pastor and the Right Lord Jesus Christ! Anyway i am not try to recruit or advertisers , i just wanna share my thoughts and my experience that all , and thanks you for reading my comments , and thank you pastor i got it when you are taking time to explain the Bible very deeply that help to understand easy i got it . Love from Dallas Texas.

  4. Hi Dr Kim, I love your videos… I'm so grateful that I came across your channel because I've learned so much from you…

    I'd like to request a certain topic be covered if you'd be willing to…

    I've heard a lot of people talking lately about the word Amen being used at the end of a prayer is really directing your prayer to Amen-Ra and not God and Jesus…

    I know that Amen means so be it and I'd really love to hear you prove the idea of it directing our prayers to the deity amen-ra to be wrong…

    Either way, God bless you and yours… 🙏😇

  5. If you believe in evil or the devil, then you have to believe in good and God's existence. It's that simple and also commonsense.
    This also falls under the unwritten law of opposites. "Nothing can exist without the opposite also existing.

  6. Weird question, what does the Bible say about exercising in the realm of bodybuilding and becoming physically strong and muscular looking, is this okay to do or is it frowned upon by God? Thank you for your help and guidance.

  7. No matter where we fall on the interpretation I am glad that we are all studying the apocalypse and realize the times that we are young this will bring us closer regardless of our different views. By the way I like most of your teaching Brother.

  8. Speaking as an ex JW,their heresies and failed predictions are rife.They have completely removed verses from their New World Translation,to corroborate their false doctrines. Additionally,they predicted that the Great Tribulation was to start in 1975.When it failed many JW's exited the org.CT Russell exhibited mental illness during his tenure at WTS. Consider the source.🤔

  9. Pastor Kim can you please do a teaching one day explaining the difference between meditation and biblical meditation? How should a Christian meditate?

  10. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you Pastor Kim

  11. Best preaching ever! Thank you Jesus! Bless you aboundetly Dr Kim.
    Does he ever answer ,- if you have a questions? Someone who knowes that? ?
    Much love to you all sisters and brothers 💖💖💖

  12. I been playing my part and gathering my friends and preparing them. I hope all the people I ever encountered make it to heaven. Even if they were bad, I could never wish them to burn in eternity. Its too much for me to imagine.

  13. Dear Pastor Gene, look at this verse I came across during my Bible reading:

    “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”
    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭3:15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    This is true!

    I was lost and ignorant with God’s Word, till on my knees I asked for the truth of His Word. That was then I stumbled upon your YouTube channel back in the early 2017. Since then, I never failed to rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for you and your church! I have found so much treasure of the truths of God’s Word, and I have grown so much spiritually and am daily so hungry for His Word! Thank you for your teachings, Pastor Gene, and thank you for taking time sometimes to answer my questions. I am so grateful. Praise the Lord! Amen.

    I hope you could see my comment.

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