Canelo Alvarez enjoying his vacation

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39 thoughts on “Canelo Alvarez enjoying his vacation”

  1. elli ur such a shit talker the day of the fight u were likr omg it could of gone any way ur a bum dont know shit about boxing ur the guy that said wilder won against furry ur the guy that says spence is p4p jaja ue a joke

  2. He's not 3 fights in he only fought 2 times right? The Brit and Jacobs or am I trippin. Well can't wait for his next fight. Let's go CANELO! OR should I say SAUL MONEY ALVAREZ

  3. this overrated pig better enjoy that shit before errol beats the tacos out of him. GGG won that first fight clear as day and i didnt bother to watch the second one. gayla hoyo is a cocc succer

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