Cape Breton Travel Guide | Cabot Trail Road Trip in Nova Scotia, Canada

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50 thoughts on “Cape Breton Travel Guide | Cabot Trail Road Trip in Nova Scotia, Canada”

  1. Hoping to do this drive in a couple of months (First week of October) – I've read a number of comments about the lack of washroom facilities on the cabot trail – how was your experience – were there many in HIghland Provincial Park??   The rest of the trail – thanks – really enjoy your Vlogs – take care…..

  2. You’ve done it again!!!!! Incredibly gorgeous photography
    You captured the splendor and majesty of the maritimes!!!
    Your photography is spectacular.
    We agree that it is really Togo’s vacation as we always travel with our pups!!
    Lots of stops !!!
    We’ve also had dirty wet dogs in the car!
    We call it the dog mobile
    You’ve done such a beautiful job with these vlogs!
    Thanks again for sharing your families with us!
    Continued safe travels

  3. Magnificent & so amazing scenery as Sam's dad said eye candy. This series is so relaxing and enjoyable. Canada looks so beautiful in the summertime. Just all of Gods majestic awesome beauty everywhere you look. Thank you so much Sam Audrey and parents for sharing this wonderful trip.

  4. Maravilloso paisaje, el azul del mar increíble!
    Gracias por la colaboración de tu papá muy agradable, tratando de hablar español 👍👏👏
    Continuamos con el viaje!
    Saludos 🙋🇲🇽

  5. I was so happy to see you again, and always enjoy when you go with your parents..well your dad's sauce made me hungry and I could see Sam salivating at that thread of pasta!! LOL..your dads sauce is awesome looking. I sure would of loved that when we went to Nova Scotia, we definitely had our pasta withdrawal dad ! that Daniel!! you made our day! Sam and Audrey!

  6. Hello and greetings from a Brit in Berlin. I spent over 25 years of my life in Bristol, UK, from where Cabot sailed to the "New Founde Lande" as he called it, in his tiny ship the "Matthew". They built a replica "Matthew" in 1997, and sailed the thing to Canada and back – the crew enjoyed themselves although they said on such a ship it was impossible to keep dry. Also worth noting that Bristol also has a problem with the tidal range, second only to the Bay of Fundy in Canada. And Bristolians will tell you that America isn't named after Amerigo Vespucci, but after Cabot's financial manager, a Welshman named Rhysiart ap Meryck. (!!) Keep up the good work, folks – and Togo is a star!

  7. I'm more a wine than a beer person, but CB has two great breweries (you sampled one), and there are a dozen(??) more on the mainland. Not to mention some very good distilleries, on and off CB 🙂

  8. I guess having the dog is limiting, but you must get to the Fortress of Louisbourg sometime. Although it was reconstructed ~50-60yrs ago (the damn Brits destroyed it in the 1750s), it's a stunning recreation.

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